Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI)

Join the GRI in our second annual criminal justice event, Breaking Down Walls: Mass Incarceration Meets the Academy, on Saturday, March 29th at the Penn Museum!

This free day-long event aims to foster dialogue and galvanize change by uniting community members, academics, advocates, service providers, and people impacted by the criminal justice system in discussion and resource sharing.

Dr. Cornel West will deliver the keynote address and Dr. Heather Ann Thompson will provide opening remarks.
6 free CEUs for Pennsylvania Licensed Social Workers!
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Penn Students Help People Transition Out of Prison

GRI short documentary


The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported in 2010 that over 2 million Americans are incarcerated. The report also shows that 1 in 32 Americans are in some phase of the criminal justice system (parole, probation, or prison) during this period that some have aptly termed “Mass Incarceration. ”  Despite the large number of people affected by the criminal justice system, this has remained an invisible epidemic. Through the Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI), students have the opportunity to work with one of the most vulnerable populations—those transitioning from prison. Students begin working with clients while incarcerated to plan for their release, and continue to support them as they transition back to their community. Students also work on a policy/advocacy level to challenge some of the systemic factors that perpetuate the cycle of incarceration.