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Karin Rhodes, MD, MSKarin Rhodes, MD, MS
Faculty Associate

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Karin Rhodes, MD, MS (Health Studies) is an Assistant Professor and Director of Health Care Policy Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on use of the acute health care setting for screening and intervention with intimate partner violence and other major psychosocial health risks. Dr. Rhodes is involved in a number of studies investigating the quality of emergency services, access to follow-up care and the intersection between acute care and mental health, social service, and criminal justice systems.

Selected Publications

Does Screening in the Emergency Department Hurt or Help Victims of Intimate Partner Violence?

“You’re Not a Victim of Domestic Violence, Are You?” Provider–Patient Communication about Domestic Violence

Missed Opportunities: Emergency Department Visits by Police- Identified Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

“Between Me and the Computer”: Increased Detection of Intimate Partner Violence Using a Computer Questionnaire

The Promise and Problems with Using Information Technology to Achieve Routine Screening for Intimate Partner Violence

Lowering the Threshold for Discussions of Domestic Violence: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Computer Screening

Intimate Partner Violence Identification and Response: Time for a Change in Strategy