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, Center for Mental Health & Aging
Director, Ann Nolan Reese Penn Aging Concentration

Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, LMSW - Penn School of Social Policy & Practice3701 Locust Walk, Caster Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6214
215.746.5487 (phone); 215.573.2099 (fax)

Dr. Gellis directs the Penn Center for Mental Health & Aging. The Center conducts rigorous applied research on geriatric mental health services in home health and behavioral health settings, and provides training in cognitive behavioral interventions.

  • Dr. Gellis is a Hartford National Faculty Scholar/ Research Mentor and a known expert in geriatric mental health services research.
  • His primary area of research is late life depression, telehealth technology, and integrated health and mental health services. His research has contributed to efforts to improve depression care for homebound medically ill older adults.
  • Dr. Gellis directs the Penn Aging Concentration (PAC), part of the Geriatric Social Work Initiative and is funded by the Hartford and Met Life Foundations.
  • Dr. Gellis is an expert trainer in Problem Solving Therapy (PST), an evidence-based treatment for depression. Dr. Gellis’s intervention research includes studies of older adults including those medically ill, homebound, and depressed (Gellis et Gellis et al, 2008; Gellis & Bruce, 2010; Gellis, Kenaley, McGinty et al., 2012).
  • Dr. Gellis served as the national Chair of the Geriatric Mental Health Research Reviews committee at the Council on Social Work Education. Drs. Gellis and McCracken implemented a state-of-the art curriculum module series used in social work schools across the nation.
  • Dr. Gellis served on the New York State’s Interagency Planning Council for Geriatric Mental Health Services
  • Dr. Gellis was internationally recognized for his research in gerontology at the Social Work in Health and Mental Health Conference in China.
  • Dr. Gellis (co-author) and Dr. Roberta Sands have published Clinical social work in behavioral mental health: An evidence-based approach (2012), Pearson

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