Standing Faculty

Joretha Bourjolly, PhD
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; PhD, Bryn Mawr, 1996. Effects of chronic illness on individuals and family members as well; impact of racial and economic factors on the delivery of health care.

Ram A. Cnaan, PhD
Professor; PhD, Pittsburgh, 1981. Social work research methods; faith-based social services, social policy; volunteerism and volunteer action; prisoners’ reentry, and international social development.

Dennis Culhane, PhD
Professor; PhD, Boston College, 1990. Homelessness; housing policy; policy analysis research methods.

Ezekiel Dixon-Román, PhD
Assistant Professor; PhD, Fordham University. Sociology of education; cultural studies; quantitative methods; public policy.

Andrea Doyle, PhD, LCSW
Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Washington. Dialectical behavioral therapy and psychodynamic approaches to clinical therapy; group work; measurement of clinical process.

Malitta Engstrom, PhD
Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia University. Problematic substance use and its co-occurrence with victimization; HIV; incarceration and mental health concerns; multigenerational social work practice with families; grandparents caring for grandchildren.

Peter Frumkin, PhD
Professor; PhD, University of Chicago; Philanthropy; nonprofit management; social entrepreneurship.

Antonio Garcia, PhD
Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Washington. Child welfare and services research; Latino youth and families; measurement and contextualization of racial/ethnic disparities; development and implementation of culturally congruent, evidence-based mental health services in child-serving systems of care.

Richard James Gelles, PhD
Professor; The Joanne and Raymond Welsh Chair of Child Welfare and Family Violence; PhD, New Hampshire, 1973. Child welfare; family violence; child abuse.

Zvi D. Gellis, PhD
Professor; PhD, University of Toronto, 1999. Gerontology; Geriatrics; Evidence-Based Depression & Anxiety Interventions; Integrated Health & Mental Health Care; Telehealth interventions; Randomized Trials.

Toorjo TJ Ghose, PhD
Associate Professor; PhD, UCLA, 2005. Substance abuse; HIV/AIDS in developing countries; mental health service provision; welfare policy

Johanna Greeson, PhD
Assistant Professor; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work. The transition to adulthood among youth who age out of foster care; natural mentoring and other supportive adult relationships for youth who age out of foster care; child traumatic stress; applied community-based intervention research and translation of research to practice; resiliency, risk and protective factors; neurobiological mechanisms of resiliency-focused interventions; life course theory

Chao Guo, PhD
Associate Professor; PhD, University of Southern California, 2003. Intersection between nonprofit and voluntary action and government; representation in nonprofit organizations; nonprofit advocacy; nonprofit governance; collaboration within and across sectors; social entrepreneurship; volunteerism.

Femida Handy, PhD
Professor; Ph.D.,York (Canada), 1995. Nonprofit entrepreneurship and volunteerism; comparative and international aspects of the nonprofit and voluntary sector; social accounting.

Roberta Rehner Iversen, PhD
Associate Professor; PhD, Bryn Mawr, 1991. Low-income families and economic mobility; poverty, welfare and workforce development policies.

John L. Jackson, Jr., PhD
Professor and Dean; PhD, Columbia University, 2000. Urban studies; race/racism; visual theory/practice; ethnographic methods; health and religion; globalization and cultural change. 

Kenwyn K. Smith, PhD
Professor; PhD, Yale, 1974. Group and intergroup relations; organizational change; organizational politics; conflict management; impact of organizational dynamics on the health of employees.

Phyllis Solomon, PhD
Professor; PhD, Case Western Reserve, 1978. Social work research methods; mental health policy and service delivery systems; severely mentally disabled persons and their families.

Susan B. Sorenson, PhD
Professor; PhD, Cincinnati, 1985. Public health; epidemiology and prevention of violence, including homicide, suicide, sexual assault, child abuse, battering, and firearms.

Mark J. Stern, PhD
Professor; PhD, York (Canada), 1980. Social welfare policy; social history and social welfare; poverty in the United States, 1900–present.

Allison Werner-Lin, PhD, MA, EdM
Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Chicago, 2006. Intersection of genomic discovery and family life; decision making about genetic testing and hereditary cancer risk management; genome-based health literacy; medical family therapy and psychoeducation; grief and bereavement; life cycle growth into adulthood.

Yin-Ling Irene Wong, PhD
Associate Professor; PhD, Wisconsin, 1995. Social policy; homelessness prevention and poverty research.

Joint Appointments

Amy Hillier, PhD

Karin Rhodes, MD, MS