Tuition, Fees & Support

Each student is supported by the School of Social Policy & Practice, which provides tuition, fees, individual health insurance, and a nine-month research stipend for four years.

Full-time tuition and fees are provided during the first three years of study to students who have already earned a master’s degree. Students then are on dissertation status with reduced tuition and fees.

Individual health insurance through the University also is provided to each student for four years. Students have the option of purchasing coverage for their family members as well. More information is available at  If a student prefers other insurance, he or she is responsible for the cost and must provide to the program proof of alternate health coverage.

The nine-month (academic year) stipend is for a research apprenticeship with the student’s advisor. Funding for summers and study beyond four years is available through research assistantships, graduate fellowships, and teaching assistantships.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for dissertation fellowships before their fourth year of study (see information posted under the Additional Funding Opportunities tab). Several of our students have obtained federal and other grants to support themselves and their research. Students are encouraged to work with faculty to apply for such funding.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the School is covering these costs:

  • Tuition:   $28,768 full-time (years 1-3); $3,596 dissertation status (year 4)
  • General and clinical fees (supports Student Health Service, graduate student activities, and more): $2,976 full-time (years 1-3); $624 dissertation status (year 4)
  • Individual health insurance: $2,774 (years 1-4)
  • Research apprenticeship stipend:  $22,100 (years 1-4)
  • Professional development (conference travel, research expenses, etc.): $500

In summary, in addition to a flexible curriculum and outstanding faculty who are dedicated to student learning, we commit $200,000 to each student who is admitted to our program.