2014 Student Government

The SP2 Student Government is the student governance organization for the School of Social Policy & Practice.To contact the Student Government: sp2gov@gmail.com

Edward Scott, Jr, MSW '15
Contact: scote@sp2.uenn.edu
Spokesperson for the student body; coordinates student government meetings; actively listens to the concerns and suggestions from the student body and works with SP2 administration to meet the needs of students; facilitates Deans & Students meetings.

Vice Chair
Corinne Guest, MSW '15
Contact: corinneg@sp2.upenn.edu
Supports the student government chair and stands in during his/her absence; helps to coordinate and facilitate meetings and activities for students.

Vice Chair of Finance
Kelsey Van Selous, MSW '15
Contact: kelseyv@sp2.upenn.edu
Manages budget for student government; helps to allocate funds to student groups, works with SP2 business office to coordinate purchasing procedures and submit budget requests; communicates financial procedures to SP2 student groups; insures that SP2 student groups are following purchasing procedures

Vice Chair of Communications
Johnna Marcus, MSW '15
Contact: mjohnna@sp2.upenn.edu
Maintains records for student government; attends meetings and records pertinent information, disseminates information to student body on a regular/timely basis.

Vice Chair of External Affairs
Alex Harrsch, MSW '15
Contact: aharrsch@sp2.upenn.edu

Vice Chair of Advisory Council
Jana Karpf, MSW '15
Contact: karpf@sp2.upenn.edu

MSW Governance Committee Student Representatives
Second Year Representative: Alla Abramov, MSW '14
First Year Representative:
Leadership for the MSW degree program is provided by a group consisting of the program director, plus four-five members of the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2)’s Standing Faculty, a representative of the Field Cabinet and the Field Director. The MSW Governance Group answers to the Dean of the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2).

Policy and Procedures Committee Student Representatives
Second Year Representative Krsitine Bouchard, MSW '14

First Year Representative:
The Committee on Student Policies and Procedures is responsible for developing, reviewing, and/or recommending policies and procedures regarding students. In addition, this committee provides oversight of the selection procedures for student awards and the excellence in teaching awards given to faculty. The committee also serves as the main faculty link with the admissions office for student recruitment. This committee consists of three members of the Standing Faculty, appointed by the Dean. The faculty as a whole elects the chair of the committee

SP2 Grievance Committee Student Representatives
Stephanie Waller, MSSP '14
Grievance Procedure: Students are expected to read the following policies and guidelines before filing a grievance. Faculty are expected to be familiar with and to review the grievance guidelines before advising a student to file a grievance. A grievance is a claim that action has been taken by a school representative which is: (1) arbitrary and capricious; (2) discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veteran; (3) not in compliance with the School or University of Pennsylvania procedures or regulations. A student may file a grievance at any point in the program. An academic evaluation may not be the subject of a grievance

GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assemby) Representatives:
Britney Thornton, MSW '14

Advanced Standing MSW Representative

1st Year MSW Representatives

MSSP Representatives

NPL Representative

Part-time MSW Representatives
Carole Showell, MSW '14
James Jack
, MSW '14