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SP2 researches and educates individuals on the most pressing and seemingly intractable social issues locally, nationally, and around the globe. The School’s work has more than an academic impact – it generates real world actions and effects. At the same time, the action of others – non-profits, governmental agencies, community organizers, the courts, local businesses, community residents – impacts our strategies for change.

Using a multimodal approach, ActionSP2 will engage students, faculty, alumni, and other lifelong learners by highlighting individuals and organizations that work toward and epitomize successful action and advocacy.

“Social action isn’t one-size-fits-all. Impactful social activity takes different forms depending on context, subject matter, scale of engagement, and ultimate objective. Action SP2 aims to provide students with tangible examples of how to translate their goals into social interventions that matter. Through formal and informal conversations/workshops with local, national and international organizers, policymakers, advocates, and activists, students will learn the nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to make social actions concrete and successful. They will see what it looks like to convert theories about individuals and society into research-supported practices that make people’s individual lives better and our interconnected world more just.”

– Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.