MSW/Master of Science In Criminology (MS)

This important new dual degree program is administered jointly by the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Department of Criminology, which is affiliated with Penn’s Jerry Lee Center of Criminology under the auspices of the School of Arts and Sciences. The joint program results in a Master of Social Work and a MS degree in Criminology. The curriculum offers a social work perspective to the field of criminology and a criminology perspective to the field of social work and social welfare. The Jerry Lee Center emphasizes that its “unique interdisciplinary program will combine solid academic learning at one of the nation’s top research universities with practical knowledge that can enhance careers in criminal justice-related policy and practice settings.” Because the MS in Criminology program is for individuals planning or already pursuing careers in criminal justice practice or policy, law, and governmental or non-governmental crime prevention agencies, students taking the dual degree are likely to attain policy and/or administrative positions. As such, this program is limited to Advanced Macro Social Work concentration students.

This dual degree program consists of two academic years plus the summer between academic years one and two. Each School will make tuition assistance decisions, and only cover tuition, for its own courses. (See also

Application Information

Applicants to this program must apply to both the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Department of Criminology, School of Arts and Sciences. A separate application and application fee is required for each School. Application inquiries should be made to:

Graduate Division, SAS
University of Pennsylvania 
3401 Walnut Street, Suite 322A
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228