Dual Degree Programs

The MSW dual degree options offer exciting interdisciplinary opportunities for social work students in the full-time, two-year program. Students work closely with their academic advisors in both degree programs to determine their individual courses of study. Within most dual degrees, students may choose either the clinical or macro concentration. In all situations, separate applications are required for each degree program.

MSW/Bachelor of Arts (BA)
This sub-matriculation program is an exciting opportunity for committed, exceptional students in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania who want the challenge of working directly with clients or with community-based social service organizations as they earn a BA and MSW in 5 years of study.

MSW/Juris Doctor (JD)
Graduates are prepared to assume positions of leadership in law and social policy, ready to actively pursue a more just society, and to initiate and implement viable systems change by applying their training in both professions.

MSW/Master in Law (ML)
The MSW/ML dual degree program prepares graduates for careers in social work arenas that may overlap with our legal system, including advocacy, criminal justice, immigration, agency management, policy, and more.

MSW/Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The dual MSW/MBA program emphasizes multi-dimensional skills and competencies from the fields of business and social work. The program is designed for a limited number of mature students with some supervisory and/or administrative experience. Field internships are arranged in management and policy research and development in such sites as social welfare organizations, hospitals, philanthropic foundations, and government.

MSW/Master of Bioethics (MBE)
The MSW/Master of Bioethics (MBE) is a dual degree program sponsored by the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Center for Bioethics. The aim of the dual degree program is to prepare students to be leaders in bioethics-related, research-based program and policy venues in the social services, life sciences and medicine. This dual degree program blends the like missions and values of social work and medicine for equitable service provision, knowledgeable development of ethical policies, and just decision making in the 21st century global environment of rapid technological and social change.

MSW/Master of City Planning (MCP)
Graduates of the dual degree in social work and city and regional planning will gain broad knowledge about the interrelation of the physical, social, and economic systems for urban community services; competence in analysis and development of intervention strategies to humanize these services; and the development of a philosophical base for professional practice that instills a commitment to improve the quality of life for people in urban communities.

MSW/Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
The MSW/MFA dual degree program trains students as professional studio artists and social work practitioners, with a focus on the integration of art and social justice. The MSW/MFA curriculum addresses the needs of two sets of students: 1) those in social work who are seeking to integrate the arts into their practice as MSW-credentialed service providers, and 2) those in the arts who are looking for professional credentialing and a career in social justice that utilizes their MFA training.

MSW/Master of Public Administration (MPA)
This program, administered jointly by the School of Social Policy & Practice and the Fels Institute of Government, prepares students for leadership in government service and private and social service organizations closely associated with the public sector.

MSW/Master of Public Health (MPH)
This dual degree program prepares graduates to use their careers to address differential access and treatment in health domains and to promote human and social well-being, whether at micro (clinical practice) or macro (societal and policy) levels.

MSW/Master of Science in Criminology (MS)
This program prepares graduates for policy and/or administrative positions in criminal justice practice or policy, law, and governmental or non-governmental crime prevention agencies.

MSW/Master of Science in Education (MSEd)
This program prepares graduates to be leaders in educational administration, student support services, or supervision. The MSW degree is also designed for students preparing for leadership roles in an array of administrative positions.

MSW/Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL)
This dual degree program combines the efforts of social work and nonprofit leadership to support students passionate about social change and social impact on both the micro (clinical practice) and macro (societal and policy) levels.

MSW/Master of Science in Social Policy (MSSP)
This program prepares graduates for leadership positions in government, philanthropic foundations, research institutes, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, and other related settings.

MSW/PhD in Social Welfare (PhD)
This program is designed for applicants whose long-range goals and past experiences are consistent with the aims of both programs and who wish to advance their education.