On-Campus (full- and part-time)

The Nonprofit Leadership on-campus program consists of a total of ten (10) graduate level course units (CUs). Each student takes eight (8) NPLD CUs (of which four [4] are required NPLD core CUs) and two (2) Penn elective CUs.

The full-time on-campus Nonprofit Leadership Program consists of two (2) semesters of course work plus a nonprofit placement for professional development (the Leadership Practicum). Students take five (5) CUs in the fall and spring semesters for a total of ten (10) CUs. Students in the NPL Program take eight (8) NPLD CUs (of which at least four [4] are NPLD core CUs), and two (2) Penn elective CUs. Students may select to take all ten (10) of their CUs within the NPLD course offerings.

The part-time Nonprofit Leadership Program typically includes at least four (4) semesters of course work. The majority of part-time students take two (2) course units (CUs) each semester for five (5) semesters for a total of ten (10) CUs over 2½ academic years. Students enrolled in the part-time option can complete the program in as short as three (3) semesters (taking 2-3 CUs over the summer) or as long as six (6) semesters (or three [3] academic years).


The Nonprofit Leadership hybrid program consists of a total of ten (10) graduate level course units (CUs). Each student takes four (4) NPLD on-campus CUs, three (3) required NPLD core online CUs and selects three (3) NPLD elective online CUs from a menu of options.

The one year program begins on-campus with two (2) CUs and cohort building in August. Students then take three (3) CUs between September and December and three (3) CUs in the between January and April through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online classes. Students complete the program on-campus with two (2) CUs, capstone presentations, and a graduation ceremony in May.