MS in Nonprofit Leadership

Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice offers a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL). The NPL program welcomes individuals who are bright, passionate, and energized to be transformative thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovators for social impact. There are full-time, part-time, and online options available for completing the program.

We aim to educate the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who will help transform nonprofits, social enterprises, international NGOs, educational systems, social service agencies, art and cultural institutions, foundations, and advocacy and volunteer organizations. The world needs new thinking and innovative approaches to address long-term challenges. Our program allows students to build a foundation for their professional and civic journeys as collaborative agents of innovation and impact. The NPL program is designed to serve nonprofit professionals preparing for leadership, professionals in other sectors seeking to shift careers to create social impact, individuals preparing to enter the nonprofit or social impact sector, and international applicants looking to enhance their leadership and nonprofit skills. We encourage anyone with a passion for social innovation and impact to apply.

Students enrolled in the Nonprofit Leadership Program take a total of ten (10) graduate courses. Full-time and online students complete the program in one year, while part-time students complete the program in two to three years.

Students work with Adam Roth-Saks, NPL Administrative Director, in selecting their course of study from an array of options offered by Penn and SP2. Each student is encouraged to build the specific competencies they will need throughout their careers.

On-Campus Program Duration

9 months Full-time (August 2019 to May 2020)*
21 months Part-time**

*Full time students have the option to extend their program into the summer.

**Part time students complete the program in 21 months on average, although the part-time program can be completed in as little as 17 months and as long as 3 years.

Online Program Duration

10 months (August 2019 to June 2020)
Optional Cohort Building Activities: August 2019
Online Courses: Fall & Spring Semesters

Application Deadlines

Reduced application fee deadline: December 31, 2018
Priority deadline: February 1, 2019