Dual Degree Programs

Penn SP2 promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. Among the many ways we collaborate with our colleagues at Penn’s other professional and graduate schools is through our dual degree programs. We are now proud to offer 4 dual degree programs for full-time MSSP students.

MSSP/Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Submatriculation)
Submatriculation into the Master of Science in Social Policy Program is an exciting option available to committed, exceptional students in the College of Arts and Sciences who want to undertake policy studies toward an MSSP, starting in the senior year of their undergraduate program.

MSSP/Master of Social Work (MSW)
This program prepares graduates for leadership positions in government, philanthropic foundations, research institutes, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, and other related settings.

MSSP/Juris Doctor (JD)
The MSSP/JD program prepares graduates to assume positions of leadership in law and social policy. Graduates are capable of analyzing and shaping social policy at local, national, and global levels.

MSSP/Master of Public Administration (MPA)
The MSSP/MPA provides graduates who plan to lead a nonprofit, run for public office, or head a government agency a skill set for analyzing and shaping social policy.

MSSP/Master of Public Health (MPH)
MSSP/MPH graduates are prepared to analyze and influence public health policy at local, national, and global levels.