NPL/Center for Social Impact Strategy Executive Program

Alumni of Penn’s Center for Social Impact Strategy Executive Program for Social Impact Strategy are eligible to complete the Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership in an accelerated, hybrid on-campus and online format.

The MS in Nonprofit Leadership is a ten (10) credit master’s program. Students who enter the NPL program after completing the CSIS executive program must complete six (6) core NPL credit units (CUs). Over the course of a single academic year, students will be required to take 2 CUs on campus in August over two weeks, 1 CU online from September to December, 1 CU online from January to April, and 2 CUs on campus in May. The final four (4) CUs required for the master’s degree will be applied to the degree retroactively from the CSIS Executive Program, thus earning ten (10) CUs of credit while completing six (6) CUs in the master’s program itself.

Additional information about the course progression and offerings can be found in the table below. Students will choose their online coursework (1 CU in September to December and 1 CU in January to April) from the online coursework offered. Students may choose either NPL core courses or elective courses.

For additional information about completing the NPL program as an alum of the CSIS executive program, please contact Adam Roth-Saks, NPL Administrative Director.

Adam Roth-Saks, MSEd

  • Administrative Director, MS in Nonprofit Leadership Program

  • Finance Manager, Center for Social Impact Strategy

3701 Locust Walk, Caster Building, Room C-14
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6214
  • office: 215.898.1857
  • fax: 215.573.2099
AugustSeptember - DecemberJanuary - AprilMay
Data Analysis for Social Impact (1 CU)Social Finance (1 CU)Nonprofit Fundraising and Philanthropic Capital (1 CU)Leadership: Designing the Future (1 CU)
Design Thinking (1 CU)Social Entrepreneurship (1 CU)Public Private Partnerships (0.5 CU)Managing for Impact (1 CU)
Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Impact (0.5 CU)Performance Measurement (0.5 CU)
The Difficult Art of Listening (0.5 CU)Nonprofit Marketing & Branding (0.5 CU)
Social Media Strategies (0.5 CU)

NPL core courses are listed in bold text.