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Restructuring competition: The Biden executive order and beyond

President Biden recently issued an executive order calling for new actions by the federal government aimed at increasing market competition and strengthening antitrust enforcement. To illuminate potential consequences and implications of the executive order, the Penn Program on Regulation held a panel discussion with leading scholars of antitrust law and policy: Herbert Hovenkamp, the James G. Dinan Professor at the Carey Law School and the Wharton School; Jonathan Klick, law professor at Penn Law; and Ioana Marinescu, associate professor at the School of Social Policy and Practice.

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Harvard Political Review

Beyond Foster Care

SP2 associate professor and Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research managing faculty director Johanna Greeson, PhD, spoke with the Harvard Political Review about young people aging out of America’s foster care system.
“Let’s get away from the idea that the goal is for these young people to be independent. None of us are independent. We all rely on the relationships we have; we live interdependently, that’s what the goal should be for youth who age out of foster care.”
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Philadelphia Inquirer

A gender-neutral restroom in every school: Philly plans changes to make transgender kids feel safe

When Philadelphia public schools reopen on August 31, every building will be equipped with a gender-neutral restroom — at least one single stall for transgender and nonbinary students. Amy Hillier, an associate professor at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2), is also a public school parent who helped write and evaluate the School District’s policy protecting LGBTQ students.


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The New York Times

A Planned Biden Order Aims to Tilt the Job Market Toward Workers

According to an increasingly influential school of thought in economic circles, corporate mergers and other common business practices have made American workers worse off, and the government should address it. Ioana Marinescu, an economist at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice, analyzed data on 8,000 labor markets with two co-authors and found that when a job market was heavily concentrated among a few employers, it resulted in a 5 percent to 17 percent decline in wages.

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Penn Today

Penn Vet dual degrees: The student experience

Last year, Penn Vet expanded its dual degree program, adding a VMD-Master of Social Work (VMD-MSW), with Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice, as well as a VMD-Master of Environmental Studies (VMD-MES), with the University’s School of Arts and Sciences. The expansion of the dual degree program is timely, given the recent perfect storm of a pandemic; growing awareness of social, racial and economic inequity; and increased impact of climate change.

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Penn Today

‘Global Health Justice and Governance’

From philosophy to law to public health, experts respond in a special symposium issue of the journal Global Health Governance to SP2 professor Jennifer Prah Ruger’s book, Global Health Justice and Governance, which foreshadowed pandemic issues.

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U.S News & World Report

COVID-19 Relief Funds Put Former Foster Kid on Stable Ground

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research, the effects of the pandemic were particularly pronounced on older foster kids and those who who aged out of foster care during the pandemic. More specifically, it created instability in the living arrangements, financial uncertainty and food insecurity.

“Almost half of the participants reported COVID-19 having a negative impact on their employment, including being laid-off, no longer having reliable gig work or having hours/income severely cut,” reads the Field Center report. “Two-thirds of the participants reported that COVID-19 was having a major negative impact on their educational progress or attainment. Slightly more than half of the participants reported symptoms of depression or anxiety.”

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Don’t believe it when people say ‘no one wants to work anymore’

Chad Dion Lassiter, SP2 alum and executive director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, and SP2 assistant professor Ioana Marinescu are respectively quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece by Jenice Armstrong, which argues that the claim that people don’t want to work anymore is “a classist trope and a gross oversimplification.” Lassiter, Marinescu, and other experts offer their ideas and perspectives on this discussion.

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Wisconsin Public Radio

Minimum Wage Movement And The Labor Market

Last week, McDonald’s announced that it’s raising wages for its non-managerial workers to $17 an hour. The move comes after Chipotle and Olive Garden boosted wages. Labor economist Ioana Marinescu of Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice explains the minimum wage movement and how the pandemic has affected the labor market as a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio.

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SP2 News

Loran Grishow-Schade

Alumni Stories

SP2 Alum Honored for Ongoing Gender Identity Research, Work

For years, Loran Grishow-Schade, MSW ’20, MSSP ’21, has proven to be a prolific leader and fully-immersed pioneer in work...

MSW Student Alisa Branch

Student Life

“Always Something New to Know”: MSW Student Alisa Branch on Being a Non-Traditional Learner

Even after a three-decade career in the human services field, Alisa Branch still felt that she had more to learn,...

New SP2 faculty, clockwise from left: Tamara Cadet, PhD; Yoosun Park, PhD; Meredith Doherty, PhD; and Milan AbiNader, PhD

Faculty & Research

SP2 Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) has announced the hiring of four new faculty members, who will begin...

Philadelphians celebrate the outcome of 2020’s presidential election, waving the Progress Pride Flag while marching through Center City.

Faculty & Research, Student Life

‘Game Pieces in the Culture Wars’

More than 250 bills aimed at reducing the rights of LGBTQ+ people are currently working their way through state legislatures in the...

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