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Penn launches research center to study the impact of guaranteed income policies

Penn’s School of Social Policy and Practice launched the Center for Guaranteed Income Research to find data-based support for guaranteed income policies by studying the impacts of direct cash payment programs in cities across the country.

Amy Castro Baker, an assistant professor in SP2, and Stacia Martin-West, an assistant professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee, are co-leading the Center. In the next few months, the pair plans to hire Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellows in order to grow their capacity to conduct widespread research.

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The most effective way to give this holiday season

The coronavirus pandemic has left more than 11 million Americans out of work, and 50 million people in the U.S., including 17 million children, are projected to experience food insecurity this year. Demand on food banks is up 60%, and millions will be hungry at Thanksgiving. Canned food drives are probably popping up in your neighborhood this time of year, which got us thinking: what’s the best way to help?

Your instinct during a crisis, like a wildfire or a pandemic, might be to donate goods, like blankets, canned food or toothbrushes. But Katherina Rosqueta, founding executive director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, said you should reach for your wallet instead.

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This is Philadelphia’s largest, newest coalition combating poverty

Generocity takes a deep dive into how poverty manifests in Philadelphia, and the unprecedented coalition that has committed to lift 100,000 Philadelphians out of it in the next five years.

“We have to look at racism,” said Dr. Roberta Rehner Iversen, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice. Iversen was named to City Council’s Poverty Action Committee and spent years working on the city’s previous effort to combat poverty, Shared Prosperity Philadelphia. “The areas that have the deep poverty and really major amounts of poverty, they are predominantly Black or brown or immigrant,” she continued. “They have been under-invested.”

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34th Street

‘That’s Our Ivy League’: Rethinking Education and Equity in Philadelphia

“What does it mean that I’m a white person who was born in a small wealthy seacoast town in New Hampshire, moved to Philadelphia 25 years ago, and now is a parent of two kids in the public school district in the school that’s subsidized by Penn?” Professor Amy Hillier’s determination to constantly question her position as a tenured white female cis-gender professor at Penn is a guiding force through her life.

“I think a lot of folks have wanted to dance around whiteness and not embrace it as an identity,” she elaborates. “But I know it’s so much a part of my everyday life, my privilege, and how I’ve been able to navigate Penn.”

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ADVANCE 2020 brings together nonprofit leaders to tackle the region’s most significant crises

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, fueled, in part, by partisan-led debates over public health precautions, attendees at the ADVANCE 2020 conference learned Philadelphia-area leaders in the nonprofit sector gave the region high-marks for pandemic response and preparedness.

There was much to talk about as the day began, starting with an assertion from Sidney Hargro and Katherina Rosqueta that the COVID-19 crisis is far from over. As Rosqueta noted, the problem continues to prevent Philadelphia from entering a recovery phase, not allowing the region to “build back better.”

Hargro and Rosqueta, of the Philanthropy Network and Center for High Impact Philanthropy respectively, hosted the day’s premier session on the progress of the city’s “just recovery,” agreed that even discerning what recovery looks like at this time would be difficult.


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Kansas City Star

Guns and domestic violence: panelists discuss causes, solutions at KC Star event

High rates of domestic violence in Missouri and Springfield could be helped by a broader understanding of the issue and an easier path toward getting guns out of the hands of abusers, panelists said at a digital event hosted by the Kansas City Star and American Public Square at Jewell. Panelists included Susan Sorenson, director of the Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse at the University of Pennsylvania.

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The Daily Pennsylvanian

SP2 dashboard finds $40M in grants awarded to Phila. area in early stages of COVID-19

The School of Social Policy and Practice’s dashboard, which tracks grant awards from COVID-19 response funds in the Philadelphia area, found over $40 million in grants awarded between March 18 and June 29. The Regional COVID Response Dashboard was created by SP2’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy and the Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia to aggregate and analyze philanthropic response funds as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Daily Pennsylvanian

SP2 dean and professor to serve on Council on Social Work Education committee, task force

The dean of Penn’s School of Social Policy and Practice and an associate professor will serve on a national committee and task force to develop competencies and curricular resources on health for the Council on Social Work Education. Sara Bachman will serve on the guide’s steering committee and chair the committee on Policy Competencies, while associate professor and faculty director of the social work in healthcare specialization Allison Werner-Lin will serve as a task force member.

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Business Insider

Unless Congress acts fast, tens of millions of Americans will lose their unemployment benefits, causing economic damage that may be impossible to contain

Unless Congress takes action soon, the millions of Americans who have become unemployed during the pandemic will lose all of their unemployment benefits. The episode of Pitchfork Economics features an interview with Ioana Marinescu, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, to further explain why robust unemployment protections are important for everyone.

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Cover of Tell Me How It Ends

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SP2 Announces Inaugural Race and Social Justice Fellows

Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) is pleased to announce the selection of two exemplary MSW students as...

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SP2 Student Awarded Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

University of Pennsylvania May graduate who is currently completing her master’s degree at Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice...

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Associate Dean of Enrollment Management & Global Outreach Receives Years of Service Award

Mary Mazzola, MSW, EdD, associate dean for enrollment management and global outreach at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice...

Valeria Zeballos Doubinko, MSSP '21

Student Life

MSSP+DA Student Named 2020-21 Perry World House Graduate Associate

Valeria Zeballos Doubinko, MSSP ’21, has been selected to join the 2020-21 cohort of Perry World House Graduate Associates. A...

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