Funding Your Education

We understand that pursuing an advanced degree is a major commitment and a significant investment. At SP2, we are committed to supporting you on your journey by providing information on scholarships, loans, work study opportunities, and a range of other resources. There are resources and tools that make a graduate degree at SP2 accessible and affordable, and we are committed to helping you navigate the process.

How Much Does SP2 Cost?

Learn about tuition and fees for each of our degree programs.

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Financial aid specialists are available to meet with you and answer any questions regarding financial aid during the application process.

SP2 Scholarships

SP2 offers limited scholarships to prospective master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Social Work students. Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships for which they are eligible; no separate application is needed. PhD students receive full tuition and stipend for four years.

Consideration, Eligibility, and Award

Consideration, Eligibility, and Award

Scholarship Consideration

To be considered for scholarships, master’s and DSW students must complete the financial aid supplement section of the admissions application. If a student indicates on their application that they are requesting financial aid, their application will not be considered complete until this section is fully completed. No separate scholarship application is required.

If the financial aid supplement section is not submitted, students are not eligible for direct scholarship aid. You must complete the financial aid supplement section at the time you are applying for admission to be considered for scholarship support.

Please note that applying for financial aid will in no way affect your admission eligibility.

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarships are available to domestic and international students. Scholarships are awarded based on faculty recommendation and demonstrated financial need.

Students who are applying to dual degree programs should note that any scholarship is for full-time enrollment and will be applied at a per CU rate tuition reduction.

Scholarship Details

Notification of a scholarship award is included in applicants’ admissions decision letters. Please note, SP2 scholarships are awarded factoring in the total course units required for the program. Scholarships will be adjusted for dual degree and transfer students to be applied at a per CU rate, thus reducing the total scholarship amount applied. The amount will be divided by the total program CU’s.

Social Justice Scholars Program

Social Justice Scholars Program

The SP2 Social Justice Scholars Program is a competitive scholarship program with the aim of enhancing the School’s ongoing commitment to the recruitment and retention of students with a particular interest in and demonstrated capacity for social justice leadership in their field. Social Justice Scholars will receive full tuition benefits, be supported through an enriched structure of mentorship and additional training opportunities, and be part of a dynamic cohort of scholars. 

The Social Justice Scholars Program will offer full-tuition scholarships to students who enter a full-time master’s degree program in Fall 2022.


To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must have:

Preference will be given to candidates who:

  • Self-identify as BIPOC 
  • Graduated from a historically Black college or university (HBCU) or a minority-serving institution (MSI)

Application Process

Application Fee Waiver

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Peace Corps’ Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Peace Corps’ Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows examine complex social issues through an interdisciplinary perspective, both in the classroom and through MSW field placements and NPL leadership practicums. These placements allow fellows to incorporate and share skills they have gained as international Peace Corps volunteers.

SP2 awards two MSW Coverdell Fellowships per year. Each Fellow receives a scholarship of $8,750 per semester, for a total of $35,000. MSW students who are eligible for federal work study support can also earn up to an additional $2,000 per year.

SP2 awards two NPL Coverdell Fellowships per year. Each Fellow receives a scholarship of $21,825 distributed over the course of the program. In addition to the scholarship award outlined, NPL students who are eligible for federal work study support can also earn up to an additional $2,000.

Please note that Coverdell scholarships and other SP2 scholarship awards cannot be combined.

Application Process

Applicants to the Master of Social Work (MSW) or Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) programs who apply by January 15th are automatically considered. Students should indicate that they have served in the Peace Corps where requested on their application.

Applications received by the priority deadlines will be reviewed by the selection committee and fellowships will be awarded in March. Only selected students will be notified.

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City Year National Service Scholarship

City Year National Service Scholarship

Our partnership with City Year brings idealistic and committed leaders with experience working in diverse settings and a high level of maturity and insight to the Penn SP2 community. The City Year National Service Scholarship is open to City Year AmeriCorps members, Senior AmeriCorps members, alumni, and staff that meet eligibility requirements.

There are a series of opportunities available:

  • Social Work (full-time or part-time): The award totals $30,000 ($15,000 per year for the two-year MSW program) for up to two City Year corps, alumni, or staff per year.
  • Social Work (Advanced Standing): The award totals $18,750 (one-year program) for one City Year corps member, alumni, or staff member annually.
  • Social Policy (MSSP): The award totals $18,750 (one-year program) for one City Year corps member, alumni, or staff member annually.
  • Nonprofit Leadership (NPL): The award totals $18,750 (one-year program) for 1 City Year corps member, alumni, or staff member annually.

Please note that the City Year National Service Scholarships cannot be combined with other SP2 scholarship awards.


This scholarship is available to currently serving AmeriCorps members, alumni who have completed a term of AmeriCorps service, and staff members employed for at least two years. Students will be considered for a City Year National Service Scholarship if they submit completed applications with all supplemental material by December 15th (MSSP) or January 15th (MSW or NPL).

Fee Waiver

Application Process

Applicants who complete the application process for their chosen master’s program by December 15th for the MSSP program or January 15th for the MSW and NPL programs are automatically considered. All supplemental admission materials, including letters of recommendation, applicable test scores, must be submitted by these dates. 


Admitted City Year National Service Scholars may defer enrollment by one year if they choose to serve with City Year for additional time before starting their studies.

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Bonner Scholarship

The Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Program (NPL) has partnered with The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation to increase access to education for diverse, low-income, under-represented, and first-generation students. The Bonner Community Scholars Program provides full or partial tuition scholarships to academically promising students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in exchange of engaging their talents and education in building and supporting vulnerable communities through civic engagement.

Bonner Scholar/Leader alumni and staff are encouraged to apply to the NPL program. SP2 awards all eligible applicants a guaranteed, one-time $10,000 scholarship.

Please note that Bonner Scholarship recipients can be considered for additional merit-based aid based on the strength of their application and need-based aid based on their demonstrated financial need in their application.


Applicants must have served as a Bonner Scholar/Leader or staff member for a minimum of one year to be eligible for the scholarship. Applicants will be considered for a scholarship if they submit a completed applications with all supplemental materials by January 15th (NPL on-campus) or February 15th (NPL online).

Application Process

Application Fee Waiver

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Federal Work Study


Loan Options

Graduate Direct Loan

Graduate PLUS Loan

Repayment options

  • Income-Based Repayment (IBR)
  • Pay As You Earn Repayment (Pay As You Earn)

Information for Current Penn Employees

The University offers employees the opportunity to pursue knowledge and to advance their personal and professional development by providing tuition assistance for credit courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsylvania Penn Payment Plan

Penn offers a monthly payment plan that allows families to pay educational expenses over five months per semester with no interest. The monthly payment plan is for the academic year and is not available for students enrolled in summer courses.

Educational Opportunities for Veterans

Please note that the combination of any SP2 scholarship and veteran funding cannot exceed the cost of tuition and general fees.