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Supporting the Social Justice Scholars Program

The SP2 Social Justice Scholars Program, founded in 2021, is geared towards funding and fostering an eminent education for graduate students, preferably those graduating from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and minority-serving institutions (MSIs). Constructing a deep, distinctive, and impactful learning environment for cohorts of students of color—while removing the financial burden of a graduate education at Penn—the Social Justice Scholars Program simultaneously empowers and enhances the entire student experience and underscores SP2’s keen eye on racial justice and abolitionist ambitions. Long after their time at SP2, graduates of the program profoundly enrich the diverse SP2 alumni community, as well as the national and international communities that SP2 constituents serve. Learn more about the Social Justice Scholars Program here.

Read the Social Justice Scholars Program Case Statement and view giving opportunities:

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Naming Term or Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships

Graduate tuition assistance in the form of named term and endowed scholarships/fellowships* is a major priority for the School. These may be designated for students of merit in any of the School’s three masters degree programs: the Master of Social Work, Master of Nonprofit Leadership and/or Master of Science in Social Policy, as well as the Doctorate in Clinical Social Work. Donors may name scholarships/fellowships in perpetuity for a minimum investment of $150,000. Term scholarships may be established with a minimum investment of $25,000.

* “scholarship/fellowship” may be used interchangeably

Naming Term or Endowed Professorships

SP2 has an ongoing need to retain star faculty and recruit others by establishing term and/or endowed professorships in targeted areas, e.g. gerontology, domestic violence, racism, and substance abuse. SP2 is seeking donors who understand the importance of offering this distinguished honor to deserving star faculty. This will support the School’s deeply-held and broad-based efforts to advance human welfare and promote resiliency among disadvantaged populations. While a minimum investment of $3M is required to name a professorship, President Amy Gutmann recently announced a generous match of $750,000 for unrestricted, named professorships.

Supporting Programs of Excellence

Each of the School’s research centers need additional general operating support to maintain and expand their program areas. Gift opportunities are available in existing programs of excellence: child welfare, domestic violence, faith-based social services, substance abuse, mental health, and gerontology.

Although gifts of any size are appreciated, programs may also be named for a larger investment of endowment.

Naming a Building

The School of Social Policy & Practice’s research building is located at 3815 Walnut Street, directly across from the President’s House. The building houses SP2’s research entities, including the Field Center for Children’s Policy Practice & Research, the Program for Religion and Social Policy Research, the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence, and the Center for High Impact Philanthropy. This newly renovated building is a James Furness architecture and an excellent naming opportunity for a donor, who desires high profile recognition at a modest price.

Customizing a Giving Opportunity (i.e. Special Projects)

Some donors create special projects of interest to give back to the School, such as establishing an endowed lectureship to honor a distinguished professor.

Leaving SP2 in your Will (i.e. Estate and Planned Gifts)

Planned gifts are especially helpful to the School and enable those interested to make substantial gifts to a SP2 in ways that complement their personal financial planning. These gifts generate lifelong income, convert low-yielding assets into higher income streams at a reduced capital gain cost, obtain significant income tax deduction, and reduce or eliminate estate taxes. Penn’s Office of Gift Planning can help you to find the right asset, at the right time, structured in the right way to maximize the tax benefits of your support of the University’s educational mission.

For more information, send an e-mail to

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