Dual Degree Program Alumni

Ruth Shefner, MSW'17, MPH'18

Goldring Reentry Initiative Fellow

Headshot of Ruth Shefner

I chose to come to Penn because of the Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI), and because I was excited by the work I could see that faculty was doing. I was also inspired by the flexibility and support given to dual degree students. I could not have imagined how great of an impact that decision would have on me.
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Papia Paul, MSSP/MPA'13

Research Associate, PolicyLab at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

I found the MSSP program to be the perfect balance of theory and application rooted in an inspiring and collaborative environment. While the coursework allowed me to explore the development and implementation of social policies, it also gave me the flexibility to specifically pursue my interest in health policy and reducing health inequalities.
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Simran Noor, MSSP/MPA'11

Coordinator of Advocacy, Center for Social Inclusion

My current role requires me to think strategically about policy opportunity and leverage. By gaining policy development knowledge and skills like outlining key elements of legislation, utilizing Thomas (The Library of Congress site) and basic statistical and applied research methods and conducting stakeholder analyses during my time at SP2, I am much more effective in my current position.
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Kalen Flynn, MSSP/MSW'10

PhD Student, Doctoral Program in Social Welfare

Headshot of Kalen Flynn

The education I received as a dual MSW/MSSP student allowed me to merge the real world experience of my field placements and internships with the theory and skills learned in the classroom.
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Sara Ansell, MSSP/MSW'09

Program Manager for the Porch Light Initiative, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

My education at SP2 broadened my understanding of social change and simultaneously focused my understanding of ways to create that change. I honed many skills including policy analysis, program evaluation, research methods, community organizing, and writing techniques that I use on an everyday basis in my professional life.

Sarah Bainton, MSSP/MSW'07

Program Manager for Family Financial Stability, Goodwill Industries International (headquarters)

I utilize skills I learned at SP2 every day: policy analysis, advocacy, evaluation, strategic planning, and even those more tactical skills of understanding management styles, the most effective way to conduct a meeting, energize a group around a cause, find leverage points in a problem, and present materials.

Olivette Burton, MSW'03, MBE'04

Administrative Staff Analyst, NYC Maternal Infant and Reproductive Health

Former Chair of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Institutional Review Board

Being actively interested in world affairs, I founded my own humanitarian organization, Sweet Nation and utilize the knowledge and skill set gained via my education and field work with disenfranchised and multicultural populations. The design of the dual degree program was the beginning.
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