Jamila Harris-Morrison, MSW’17

Executive Director, ACHIEVEability

Headshot of Jamila Harris-Morrison

SP2 prepared me to be a leader in my community and reinforced my passion to be a social change agent. From field placement to hone my clinical skills, to courses that allowed me to serve as a strategic consultant to local nonprofits and exposed me to diverse perspectives, I feel confident in my ability to positively impact my community.
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Devon M. Hernández, MSW’16

College & Alumni Coordinator, Project GRAD Los Angeles

Headshot of Devon Hernandez

The education I received as an MSW student helped deepen my understanding of the complex systems that oppress various populations within society. As a macro social worker, I am continuously learning how to navigate within these systems to ensure the individuals I work alongside are empowered to challenge the very systems that are designed to oppress.
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Yawei Song, MSW'15

Chinatown Clinic Manager/Navigator, Drexel University

Headshot of Yawei Song

My experience at SP2 broadened my vision of social changes and challenged my way of thinking. I learned from both theoretical and practical ways of community engagements, program evaluation, and advocacy. I also gained tremendous knowledge and experience about social work in the healthcare settings through the multidisciplinary platform that SP2 has built up.
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Gwen Emmons, MSW'13

Senior Consultant, M+R Strategic Services

Headshot of Gwen Emmons

I wanted a macro social work education firmly rooted in racial justice. I got that – and so much more. Surprisingly (for a macro person like me) the skills I find most invaluable in my work are ones from my clinical work! The ability to listen deeply, to understand people as intricately connected to their environment, and to ask the right questions are critical to my success today.
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Kiera R. Kenney, MSW'13

Community Learning Operations Officer

My time with GHC has been unforgettable and I sincerely hope that SP2 is able to continue preparing professionals with the self-awareness, skill, and confidence to take on global issues.
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Marcus Presley, MSW'12

Senior Policy Associate, National Community Land Trust Network

Pursuing an independent study gave me the opportunity to work one-on-one with a fantastic professor to perform in-depth housing policy research. In addition to the academic experience, I also developed a strong professional identity as a macro social worker who collaborates with low-income people to build their power and effect meaningful policy change.
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Breanne Sullivan, MSW'12

Hospice Social Worker, Keystone Care

A great deal of what I learned from being in the MSW Penn Aging Concentration (PAC) has certainly been very helpful in my new role as a hospice social worker. I am much more knowledgeable about services and resources that are available to older adults in the community, and I think I am much more aware of the needs that older adults have especially at end of life.
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Lindsey Brown, MSW'11

School Based Mental Health Counselor, Guide Youth Services

My draw to the social work profession came from my desire for social justice and peace throughout the world. I strive to help clients live reasonably satisfying lives, comfortable with themselves and in society. SP2 has provided me with incredible skills and tools to continue the efforts of what I have believed has become my life calling.

Jabina Coleman, MSW'11

Medical Social Worker, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Choosing to attend Penn’s MSW program allowed me to accomplish one of my many goals of working in a hospital setting and supporting the needs of others. My field placement at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania helped prepare me for my job as a Medical Social Worker.

Abby Rix Degge, MSW'11

Medical Social Worker, University of Maryland Medical Center

My PAC coursework provided me with diagnostic tools and evaluative measurements I use in everyday practice to assess patients and provide them with evidence-based interventions. My time at Penn and my decision to complete the PAC program is one of the smartest decisions I have ever made; it has equipped me to be a well-rounded social worker and an effective social change agent.
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Tara Matthews, MSW'11

Management and Program Analyst/Presidential Management Fellow, United States Department of Homeland Security

I loved that each student could choose their own personal emphasis; not only did this allow me to focus on my own interest in Criminal Justice but our classes were filled with enriching dialog. The conversations, the connections with students and faculty and the wide range of classes have thoroughly prepared me for my career in policy and research.

Kalen Flynn, MSSP/MSW'10

PhD Student, Doctoral Program in Social Welfare

Headshot of Kalen Flynn

The education I received as a dual MSW/MSSP student allowed me to merge the real world experience of my field placements and internships with the theory and skills learned in the classroom.
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Sara Ansell, MSSP/MSW'09

Program Manager for the Porch Light Initiative, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

My education at SP2 broadened my understanding of social change and simultaneously focused my understanding of ways to create that change. I honed many skills including policy analysis, program evaluation, research methods, community organizing, and writing techniques that I use on an everyday basis in my professional life.

George Werner, MSW'09

Director-General of Liberia’s Civil Service Agency

Chair of the Government of Liberia’s Inter-ministerial Scholarships Committee

A PENN MSW cuts across many disciplines and, at its core, it is qualification which prepares one to serve humanity at all levels, public and private.
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John Wenger, MSW'08

HUD/VASH Case Manager Specialist, Coatesville VA Medical Center

SP2 provided a unique and intensive opportunity to expand my professional skills. As a clinician committed to social justice, I was challenged by expert faculty and staff. The Penn experience is one that I continue to utilize and expand on a daily basis, empowering homeless veterans.

Sarah Bainton, MSSP/MSW'07

Program Manager for Family Financial Stability, Goodwill Industries International (headquarters)

I utilize skills I learned at SP2 every day: policy analysis, advocacy, evaluation, strategic planning, and even those more tactical skills of understanding management styles, the most effective way to conduct a meeting, energize a group around a cause, find leverage points in a problem, and present materials.

Anastasia Shown, MSW'07

Assistant Director, Africa Center, University of Pennsylvania

While I was a student in the MSW program, I crafted my educational experience around international social work. I took courses with a global focus, interned at organizations working with immigrants and refugees or working on international policy and advocacy, and participated in the vast variety of global activities at Penn and in Philadelphia.
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Megan Hollingworth, MSW ‘05

Clinical Affordability Manager for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania

So many features of SP2 appealed to me: the amazing professors and their accessibility and genuine interest in teaching and supporting students, the small but diverse student body working to tackle challenges and driven by a need to “make change”, and the challenging coursework were among the driving factors in making my decision, and I have never regretted it!
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Olivette Burton, MSW'03, MBE'04

Administrative Staff Analyst, NYC Maternal Infant and Reproductive Health

Former Chair of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Institutional Review Board

Being actively interested in world affairs, I founded my own humanitarian organization, Sweet Nation and utilize the knowledge and skill set gained via my education and field work with disenfranchised and multicultural populations. The design of the dual degree program was the beginning.
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Rachel Biblow, MSW’03

Director of Social Work, Family Relations, and Family Services, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

It’s a privilege to travel and work with children, families and colleagues from various backgrounds, countries and cultures to both understand the challenges near and far, and to build important collaborations that lead us to greater understanding and advances in health and well-being across the world.

Lean Camara, MSW'02

Program Manager, EdTec

My educational experience at Penn’s School of Policy & Practice prepared me well for international work. I was able to make the most of my volunteer experience in Tanzania because of cultural competency training and international coursework I received while attending SP2.  Now, as a consultant to nonprofits providing public health services, I draw on my experience accessing primary and infectious disease healthcare in Tanzania.

Celina de Sola, MSW/MPH’00

Co-founder and Director of Programs, Glasswing International

After completing my MSW, I worked as a Humanitarian Aid worker in over 20 countries, and subsequently co-founded Glasswing, an NGO that focuses on strengthening public health and education services in Central America. At SP2, I learned about evaluating social interventions, measuring social impact, as well as managing the complexity and subtleties of human relations.

Katie (Harrison) Morris, MSW’00

Program Director, UMBC Social Work at Shady Grove

My SP2 professors were knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to the social work profession. In my current role I teach, recruit students and faculty, and address administrative roles and responsibilities. Each day I learn about how to be a better social worker, educator, and administrator and I work to model professional social work.

Nikki O’Brien, MSW '99

Academic Specialist, Michigan State University College of Nursing

I am grateful every day for my experiences at Penn and for my degree in social work. My MSW is much more than a degree – it’s an integral and very celebrated part of who I am and I’m proud to be part of the Penn Social Work family.
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Lynell Crawford, MSW'97

Director of Admissions and Student Services, Year Up Inc. Baltimore

Having a degree from one of the most respected schools of social work has opened up doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed. The knowledge and skills that I gained in Penn’s MSW program have been instrumental in my career and in my current position as a Director of Admissions and Student Services.