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Daniel Baker

Daniel Baker, JD, PhD

  • Lecturer, MSSP Program
  • Daniel Baker is a Lecturer in the MSSP Program, where he teaches courses in policy analysis and policy communication. He holds a BA with college honors in philosophy from the University of Washington, a JD from Duke University, a graduate diploma in economics from the University of Cambridge, and an MPP and a PhD in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

    Daniel’s research focuses on the theory of social policy and public administration. It looks at the intersection of democratic theory, ethics, and practical policy analysis. In particular, his research aims to reconcile the normative obligations in deliberative democracy, one of the most prominent conceptions of democracy in modern political theory, with the practical and pragmatic arguments for cost-benefit analysis and evidence-based policy that sway much of the social policy and public administration literatures.

    Daniel is a licensed attorney in his home state of Washington and practiced law near Seattle before pursuing his doctoral degree. He has published on the First Amendment and researches the interplay between legal obligations and moral obligations in modern governance. Outside of work, Daniel plays chess and reads extensively about economic history and the history of philosophy.





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