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Della Jenkins

  • Executive Director, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
  • Della Jenkins is the Executive Director of AISP, an initiative focused on improving equity and quality in social service delivery through cross-sector data sharing. At AISP, Della oversees a team of Penn faculty, staff, students, and consultants working on a diverse range of research, capacity-building, and communications projects. She also manages strategic partnerships with AISP’s national network of integrated data systems (IDS), data collaboratives, and policy labs. She frequently serves as an advisor on federal and state-level projects, contributing expertise in data governance and best practices for ethical data use.

    Prior to joining AISP in 2017, Della worked at the Philadelphia-based non-profit, Research for Action, providing project management and policy analysis on applied, mixed-methods research projects spanning the birth to post-secondary education spectrum. In that role, she learned valuable lessons about translating data and findings to drive impact. She also frequently draws inspiration from early career experiences doing parent organizing and legislative outreach for two state-wide education advocacy campaigns. Della earned her BA in Political Science from Georgetown University and her MA in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Massachusetts native and a South Philadelphia resident, where she lives with her husband, son and two cats.



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