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Jacinto J. Grant, MSW

  • Associate Director of Field Education
  • J. Grant’s pronouns are he/him. J. received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work (BSW and MSW) from Temple University.

    He has over two decades of social work experience and practice primarily in macro settings working as part of multidisciplinary teams in direct practice, administration, policy/planning, community organizing, and advocacy. His areas of professional interest include HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and care; empowering LGBTQ+ communities; homelessness and housing insecurity; and working with people experiencing diverse developmental and intellectual abilities.

    Through the depth and breadth of his professional experience, J. developed expertise in macro-level social work, agency-based practice, and field education collaboration and supervision.



    fax: 215.573.2099



    3701 Locust Walk, Caster Building
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6214



    School Administration | Field Education