Paul Starling, DSW’11

  • Alum, DSW Program
  • Counselor at Elementary School in the West Chester Area School District
  • Paul Starling received his Doctorate in Clinical Social Work and his Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice. Dr. Starling works full time as an elementary school counselor. He has worked as a social worker in international adoption, special needs adoption, and various state funded child and adolescent mental health programs. Dr. Starling’s research interests include child and family educational success, involvement, and outcomes, particularly with the poor, outdoor free play, and using nature as a therapeutic intervention.

    “The DSW cohort model created lasting relationships, many of which are still intact today. My dissertation research has motivated me to investigate the development of a nature counseling model involving passive experiences in nature for people struggling with life issues.”


    Graduation Year