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Volume Seven: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Seven: Issue One – Fall 2019

  • Director’s Message
  • Editor’s Note
  • Becoming Your “Future Doctor Self”
  • Maximizing your DSW Immersion
  • Podcast Previews: DSW Roundtable Discussion, Worker Cultural Competency with LGBTQ Youth & Dissertation Innovation
  • DSW Alumni Updates

The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume Six, Issue One – Winter-Spring 2017

  • Director’s Message (Lina Hartocollis, PhD, LCSW)
  • Going the Distance (Donna M. Wampole, LCSW; Amy Page, LCSW; Manuela Mage, LSW)
  • Gilbert Baker: An Interview with the Father of the Rainbow Flag (Manuela Mage, LSW)
  • My History of “Change” at Penn (Jeffrey N. Jin, ACSW)
  • Seas of Change (Donna M. Wampole, LCSW)
  • Alumni News

Volume Five: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Five, Issue One – Winter-Spring 2015

  • Director’s Message
    by Lina Hartocollis, MSS, PhD
  • Kim Lawson Interview
    by Marni Rosner, DSW, LCSW
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
    by Thomas Proctor, DSW Candidate, LCSW-C
  • Riding the Wave of Mindfulness
    by James K. Joseph, DSW Candidate, M.S.Ed., LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Heather Sheaffer, DSW’10, LCSW
    by MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW
  • DSW Student and Alumni News

Volume Four: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Four: Issue One – Winter 2014

  • Director’s Message
    By Lina Hartocollis, MSS, PhD
  • Evolution of a Clinician
    By Sophie Nadkami, DSW Candidate, LSW
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: A Self-Psychological Perspective
    By Noah Kass, DSW Candidate, LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Kirk James, DSW’13, MSW
    By MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW

Volume Three: Issue Two

The Clinician: Volume Three: Issue Two – Fall 2013

  • Remembering Joe McBride
    By Kate Ledwith, DSW, LCSW
  • Social Work in Cuba
    By Lois Robbins, DSW candidate, MSW
  • Dissociation as an Interpersonal Phenomenon
    By Jacqueline Strait, DSW, LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Bianca Harper, DSW’12, LCSW
    By MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW

Volume Three: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Three: Issue One – Winter/Spring 2013

  • Where is Social Work Today
  • Interview Modalities in Qualitative Research
  • A Culturally Informed Approach to Working with Survivors of Natural Disasters
  • An Interview with Nicole Saint-Louis, DSW, LCSW
    DSW Graduate (2010)

Volume Two: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Two: Issue One – Winter/Spring 2010

  • Executive Editor Note
  • Clinicians Teaching
  • Social Work and Bioethics: An Integrative Approach
  • Rethinking the Therapeutic Milieu: The Women’s Collaborative Circle
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning at Penn: CTL Teaching Certificate
  • Reflections of First DSW Cohort
  • DSW Student News

The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume One: Issue Two – Summer/Fall 2009

  • Narrative Matters in Hospital Social Work
  • Germain’s Social Work Practice: People and Environments
  • Group Work, Globalization, and Social Change: Where Do We Go Now
  • Reflections on Teaching Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • DSW Student News

The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume One: Issue One – Spring 2009

  • Trust the Process Despite the Lighting
  • PENN Resources at the Click of a Button
  • Write Right: Successful Strategies for Professional Publication
  • A Tribute to Arthur Schwartz
  • Meet Our Doctorate in Clinical Social Work Students
  • DSW Student News

SP2 News

Sherisse Laud-Hammond

Alumni Stories

MSW Alumna Reflects on Transformative Year as Penn Women’s Center Director

Last year, Sherisse Laud-Hammond was named the new director of the Penn Women’s Center, a position in which she is...

Olivia Welsh

Student Life

Going All In: NPL Student Founds Nonprofit Consulting Agency

Let’s say that you’re a student, and you’ve just completed your undergraduate studies in the midst of a massive global...

Dennis Culhane, PhD

Faculty & Research

SP2 Professor Opens Spring 2021 Penn Population Studies Colloquium Series

The Spring 2021 programming of the Penn Population Studies Colloquium Series opened with a talk by Dennis P. Culhane, PhD, Professor...

Image of Alicia Chatterjee

Student Life, Alumni Stories

PSCSW Awards for Clinical Excellence Recognizes PhD Student

Alicia Chatterjee, PhD candidate and MSW graduate at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2), recently won a Pennsylvania Society...

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