The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume Six, Issue One – Winter-Spring 2017

  • Director’s Message (Lina Hartocollis, PhD, LCSW)
  • Going the Distance (Donna M. Wampole, LCSW; Amy Page, LCSW; Manuela Mage, LSW)
  • Gilbert Baker: An Interview with the Father of the Rainbow Flag (Manuela Mage, LSW)
  • My History of “Change” at Penn (Jeffrey N. Jin, ACSW)
  • Seas of Change (Donna M. Wampole, LCSW)
  • Alumni News

Volume Five: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Five, Issue One – Winter-Spring 2015

  • Director’s Message
    by Lina Hartocollis, MSS, PhD
  • Kim Lawson Interview
    by Marni Rosner, DSW, LCSW
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
    by Thomas Proctor, DSW Candidate, LCSW-C
  • Riding the Wave of Mindfulness
    by James K. Joseph, DSW Candidate, M.S.Ed., LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Heather Sheaffer, DSW’10, LCSW
    by MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW
  • DSW Student and Alumni News

Volume Four: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Four: Issue One – Winter 2014

  • Director’s Message
    By Lina Hartocollis, MSS, PhD
  • Evolution of a Clinician
    By Sophie Nadkami, DSW Candidate, LSW
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: A Self-Psychological Perspective
    By Noah Kass, DSW Candidate, LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Kirk James, DSW’13, MSW
    By MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW

Volume Three: Issue Two

The Clinician: Volume Three: Issue Two – Fall 2013

  • Remembering Joe McBride
    By Kate Ledwith, DSW, LCSW
  • Social Work in Cuba
    By Lois Robbins, DSW candidate, MSW
  • Dissociation as an Interpersonal Phenomenon
    By Jacqueline Strait, DSW, LCSW
  • Alumni Update: An Interview with Bianca Harper, DSW’12, LCSW
    By MaryAnn A. Groncki, DSW, LCSW

Volume Three: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Three: Issue One – Winter/Spring 2013

  • Where is Social Work Today
  • Interview Modalities in Qualitative Research
  • A Culturally Informed Approach to Working with Survivors of Natural Disasters
  • An Interview with Nicole Saint-Louis, DSW, LCSW
    DSW Graduate (2010)

Volume Two: Issue One

The Clinician: Volume Two: Issue One – Winter/Spring 2010

  • Executive Editor Note
  • Clinicians Teaching
  • Social Work and Bioethics: An Integrative Approach
  • Rethinking the Therapeutic Milieu: The Women’s Collaborative Circle
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning at Penn: CTL Teaching Certificate
  • Reflections of First DSW Cohort
  • DSW Student News

The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume One: Issue Two – Summer/Fall 2009

  • Narrative Matters in Hospital Social Work
  • Germain’s Social Work Practice: People and Environments
  • Group Work, Globalization, and Social Change: Where Do We Go Now
  • Reflections on Teaching Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • DSW Student News

The Clinician

The Clinician: Volume One: Issue One – Spring 2009

  • Trust the Process Despite the Lighting
  • PENN Resources at the Click of a Button
  • Write Right: Successful Strategies for Professional Publication
  • A Tribute to Arthur Schwartz
  • Meet Our Doctorate in Clinical Social Work Students
  • DSW Student News

SP2 News

Control Societies speaker series

Faculty & Research

Innovative SP2 Faculty-Founded Speaker Series Awarded Additional Year of Grant Funding

As part of an ongoing University-wide initiative to foster diversity and inclusion, the Excellence Through Diversity Fund, awarded annually by the Provost’s...

Christina Bach on Penn's campus

Faculty & Research, Alumni Stories

Oncology Social Workers: Navigating Health Care and Supporting Families

When Christina Bach tells people what she does for a living, they usually respond with, “Oh, I could never do...

Imrul Mazid

Student Life

Connecting Communities: NPL Student & AMCLI Fellow Reflects on Muslim American Nonprofit Leadership

For Imrul Mazid, a student in the Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) program at Penn’s School of Social...

Catherine Wilsnack and Allison Werner-Lin

Faculty & Research, Alumni Stories

SP2 Alumna Earns National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Research Training Award Fellowship

For the last decade, Allison Werner-Lin, PhD, LCSW, associate professor at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2), has...

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