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Economic Security

SP2’s Centers and Faculty demonstrate the School’s expertise in income inequality, economic mobility, universal basic income, and the labor market impact of public policies.

Featured Centers

Center for Guaranteed Income Research

Center for Social Mobility and Prosperity

Headshot of Dr. Ioana Marinescu


Ioana E. Marinescu, PhD

Associate Professor; PhD, London School of Economics, 2007. Labor market; unconditional cash transfers; universal basic income; education to work transitions.

Headshot of Dr. Castro Baker


Amy Beth Castro, PhD

Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY Hunter, 2014. Economic mobility; guaranteed income; innovation; how social policies produce gender and race disparities in housing and lending.

Meredith Doherty, PhD, LCSW


Meredith Doherty, PhD, LCSW

Assistant Professor; PhD, Graduate Center of CUNY. Financial burden of serious illness; cancer disparities; access to healthcare; healthcare-based social needs interventions; palliative care and oncology social work; dissemination and implementation science.

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