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Inheriting Possibility: Social Reproduction and Quantification in Education

Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román, PhD

University of Minnesota Press: 2017

From the SAT to social mobility statistics, examining quantitative measurements of human learning and development while rethinking their possibilities

Inheriting Possibility rethinks methods of quantification and theories of social reproduction in education, demonstrating that test performance results and parenting practices convey the impact of patterns of differential possibility. Through analyses of empirical data and cultural artifacts, this book reconsiders how we conceptualize the processes of inheritance and approach social inquiry to sharpen understanding and address the reproducing forces of inequality.

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The Pursuit of Human Well-Being: The Untold Global History

Richard J. Estes, PhD and M. Joseph Sirgy (Eds.)

Springer: 2016

This handbook informs the reader about how much progress we, the human race, have made in enhancing the quality of life on this planet. Many skeptics focus on how the quality of life has deteriorated over the course of human history, particularly given World War II and its aftermath. This handbook provides a positive perspective on the history of well-being. Quality of life, as documented by scientists worldwide, has significantly improved. Nevertheless, one sees more improvements in well-being in some regions of the world than in others. Why? This handbook documents the progress of well-being in the various world regions as well as the differences in those regions. The broad questions that the handbook addresses include:

  • What does well-being mean?
  • How do different philosophical and religious traditions interpret the concept of well-being within their own context?
  • Has well-being remained the same over different historical epochs and for different regions and subregions of the world?
  • In which areas of human development have we been most successful in advancing individual and collective well-being? In which sectors has the attainment of well-being proven most difficult?
  • How does well-being differ within and between different populations groups that, for a variety of socially created reasons, have been the most disadvantaged (e.g., children, the aged, women, the poor, racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities)?

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The State of Social Progress of Islamic Societies: Social, Economic, Political, and Ideological Challenges

Habib Tiliouine & Richard J. Estes, PhD (Eds.)

Springer: 2016

This handbook addresses the historical background of the Islamic world and reviews its basic past intellectual achievements. It studies social progress of these regions and sub-regions in comparison with other parts of the world. It uses large data sets and well established statistically weighted Indexes in order to assess the nature and pace of the multiple facets of social change in member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The handbook extensively discusses the main challenges confronting the Islamic nations in the social, economic, political, and ideological fields.
Though it is recognizable that social change in the Islamic World is generally positive, it remains highly variable in pace and there is room to speed it up to the benefit of millions of deprived Muslim people. Hence, the book studies the different propositions and programs of action, such as the United Nations’ Millennium Development Campaign and the OIC’s Ten-Year Programme of Action to present an integrated and comprehensive agenda of action to help improve the situation in the Islamic World.

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Clinical Social Work Practice in Behavioral Mental Health, 3rd edition

Roberta Sands, PhD and Zvi Gellis, PhD

Allyn and Bacon: 2012

This book is written for students, practitioners and others who wish to gain specialized knowledge of social work practice with adults in the field of mental health/behavioral health. This third, substantially revised edition has some new features that are especially relevant to the contemporary behavioral health environment. For one, it has a focus on recovery and recovery models for consumers with serious and persistent mental illness. Second, it highlights evidence-based practices with clients with depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, serious mental illness, and dual disorders (severe mental illness and substance abuse) and has an updated focus on best and promising practices. A third novel feature is that it gives increased attention to the mental health of older adults.

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Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint

Femida Handy, PhD

Second Story Press: 2010

Sandy and her dog, Pepper, are having a perfect day at the beach until they stumble upon a pile of garbage on the sand.As the girl and her grandfather clean up the mess together, they spot a “monster of garbage,” which turns out to be the Garbage Lady, a woman who walks the beach and picks up trash to recycle. She discusses with Sandy the impact that everyday choices have on our environmental footprint, just like the footprints we leave in the sand at the beach. Back home, the girl talks to her mom about helping the Earth by using “brown bags to wrap things for mailing” and “old egg cartons for storing treasures.” Sandy mentions that her family already recycles a lot, but she, her mom, and her grandfather still sit down together to make a list of other “footprint-shrinking ideas.” The final page features 12 “Ways to Shrink Our Footprints” with ideas like buying things that are made close to home, taking shorter showers, and writing on both sides of a piece of paper. Fittingly, the illustrations feature art that’s made from recycled and natural materials. Though this title makes a strong case for kids as crusaders in caring for the Earth, the plot is tedious and it may lose some readers before the point is made.

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Peer Impact Diagnosis and Therapy: A Handbook for Successful Practice with Adolescents

Vivian Seltzer, PhD

New York University Press: 2009

Peer-Impact Diagnosis and Therapy is a practical professional guide for how to approach and aid troubled teens by accessing the wealth of insight to be gained from understanding the influence of peer interactions on development and on behavior. Full of diagnostic categories and protocols for use with all types of adolescents, as well as guidance, tips, case studies, and offering a targeted model for adolescent group therapy, Seltzer provides professionals with all the tools they need to assist teens on their road to adulthood.

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Randomized Controlled Trials

Phyllis Solomon, PhD and Jeffrey Draine, PhD

New York Oxford Univ. Press: 2008

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are considered by many researchers and providers to be the gold standard of health and social service effectiveness research. However, there exist scant resources that deal with the complex nature of designing and implementing RCTs in community-based settings. This clearly written pocket guide provides researchers and social service practitioners insight into each step of an RCT. The goal of this text is to enable readers to understand, design, and implement a community-based RCT.

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Grassroots NGOs by Women for Women: The Driving Force of Development in India

Femida Handy, Meenaz Kassam, Suzanne Feeney, and Bhagyashree Ranade

Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd: 2006

Based on empirical evidence from first-hand interactions with 20 Indian women founders of NGOs, this book presents a theoretical understanding of the role and impact of NGOs in women’s development. It looks at what motivates and facilitates female entrepreneurship in NGOs, the structures that evolve based on their feminist ideologies, the services they provide and the social impact of these NGOs in promoting the empowerment of women.

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Jobs Aren't Enough: Toward a New Economic Mobility for Low-Income Families

Roberta Rehner Iversen & Annie Laurie Armstrong, Philadelphia

Temple University Press, 2006

“This is an excellent and carefully crafted ethnography of how millions of people in the United States have jobs, work hardbut still have to live in poverty. To improve the situation, the authors argue, we need a new approach to social policy and a new theory of economic mobility. Highly recommended!”
Richard Swedberg, Department of Sociology, Cornell University

This unflinching ethnographic examination of the obstacles to economic mobility for low-income families exposes the ugly reality that lies beneath the shining surface of the American Dream. The fact is that nearly 25% of employed adults have difficulty supporting their families today. In eye-opening interviews, twenty-five workers and nearly a thousand people who are linked to themchildren, teachers, job trainers, and employerstell wrenching stories about “trying to get ahead.” Spanning five cities over five years, this study convincingly demonstrates that prevailing ideas about opportunity, merit, and “bootstraps” are outdated. As the authors show, some workers who believe the myths end up hurting their health and families in the process of trying to “move up.”

Jobs Aren’t Enough demonstrates that the social institutions of family, education, labor market, and policy all intersect to influence and inhibit employment mobility. It proposes a new mobility paradigm grounded in cooperation and collaboration across networks of social institutions, along with revitalization of the “public will.”

For more information, see: www.temple.edu/tempress/titles/1755_reg.html

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One Nation Divisible: What America Was and What it is Becoming

Mark J. Stern and Michael B. Katz

Russell Sage Foundation: 2006

Since the mid-twentieth-century America has experienced two great social movements: the civil rights movement and the women’s movement. Although neither reached all its goals, each achieved major successes. Yet, in the years of their greatest accomplishments, Americans became massively more unequal. How and why did this happen? One Nation Divisible clarifies why America remains one nation divisible, what those divisions are, and the powerful role of government in both mitigating and exacerbating them.

Through four themes – the paradoxical history of inequality, the multiple forms of diversity, the powerful influence of government, and the need to reformulate the ideas that guide thinking about great public issues – One Nation Divisible traces the impact of economic globalization at both ends of the century. It shows that today the nation is undergoing economic and social transformations as profound as the ones driven by the industrial revolution of past centuries. This book is the story of their consequences.

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Medical, Legal & Social Science Aspects of Child Sexual Exploitation A Comprehensive Review of Pornography, Prostitution, and Internet Crimes: Two-Volume Set with Supplementary CD-ROM

Sharon W. Cooper, MD, FAAP, Richard J. Estes, DSW, ACSW, Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD, FAAP, Nancy D. Kellogg, MD and Victor I. Vieth, JD

G. W. Medical Publishing: 2005

Detailing the different aspects of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, including children victimized through pornography, prostitution, cyber-enticement, sex tourism, and human trafficking, Medical, Legal, & Social Science Aspects of Child Sexual Exploitation is an exhaustive resource representing the latest research and wisdom of more than 60 international experts in crimes against children, sexual victimization, exploitation, and trafficking. It will be the standard for multidisciplinary team members in the medical evaluation of victims, investigation and prosecution of perpetrators, and the protection of children and teenagers in the 21st century.

The Child Sexual Exploitation CD-ROM is an exhaustive researcher’s companion to the two-volume set. Users can browse through tutorials on spotting defects in morphed images, sift through the extensive collection of more than 100 articles and government documents from the United States and abroad, assemble a collection of best practices from federal and local agencies, or create their own training curriculum using slide presentations and case studies of sexual maturation, taxonomy of pornography, and sexually transmitted diseases. The editors have combed through the vast library of knowledge available and have consolidated the most vital information onto this CD-ROM, making it a required companion to the two-volume set.

For more information, visit the G. W. Medical Publishing website.

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The Research Process in the Human Services: Behind the Scenes

Leslie Alexander and Phyllis Solomon (Eds)

Wadsworth Publishing: 2005

In this book, Alexander and Solomon have compiled twenty original research articles (previously published in respected journals) that illustrate and exemplify the research process. Each article is supplemented with informative introductory sections written by the editors, as well as original commentary from the articles’ authors, in which they describe how and why they came to do the research and how they chose the topic; what concerns were considered in the design and conduct of the study; their own views about the strengths and limitations of the study; major advice for future research in the area and their own views about the applications of their findings in practice in both micro and macro levels. Through this presentation, the text explains the experience of research and thus makes the topic more approachable.

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The Invisible Caring Hand: American Congregations and the Provision of Welfare

Ram A. Cnaan & Stephanie C. Boddie

New York University Press, 2002

“The first systematic and comprehensive social science description of social service contributions of diverse religious congregations… Could not be more timely or useful to academic and religious community audiences which now seek credible ‘handles’ for accessing and understanding this newly exposed but surprisingly extensive faith based contribution to human welfare in the United States.” 
– Edward Newman, Temple University

Popular calls to transform our current welfare system and supplant it with effective and inexpensive faith-based providers are gaining political support and engendering heated debate about the separation of church and state. Yet we lack concrete information from which to anticipate how such initiatives might actually work if adopted.

Despite the assumption that congregations can help many needy people in our society, it remains to be seen how extensive they wish their involvement to be, or if they have the necessary tools to become significant providers in the social service arena. Moreover, how will such practices, which will move faith-based organizations towards professionalization, ultimately affect the spirit of volunteerism now prevalent in America’s religious institutions?

We lack sufficient knowledge about congregational life and its ability to play a key role in social service provision. The Invisible Caring Hand attempts to fill that void. Based on in-depth interviews with clergy and lay leaders in 251 congregations nationwide, it reveals the many ways in which congregations are already working, beneath the radar, to care for people in need. This ground-breaking volume will provide much-sought empirical data to social scientists, religious studies scholars, and those involved in the debates over the role of faith-based organizations in faith-based services, as well as to clergy and congregation members themselves.

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MANNA In the Wilderness: Ten Lessons in Abundance

Kenwyn K. Smith


The poignant story of how a tenacious group of seven individuals from a Philadelphia church transformed a modest initiative to serve food to those with HIV/AIDS into a vibrant, interfaith, nonprofit organization–MANNA (Metropolitan AIDS Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)–and in the process, revitalized themselves and their church and community.

MANNA embodies Philadelphia’s spirit of brotherly love.
– Ed Rendell, Mayor of Philadelphia, 1992-2000

This book tugs at the heart and lifts the spirit.
– Gloria Guard, Executive Director, People’s Emergency Center

Kenwyn was always our anchor. He’s the perfect person to tell our shared story and to convey the life-sustaining lessons learned by the MANNA community.
– Kay Keenze, Reid Reames, and Bob Prischak, MAANA co-founders

MANNA represents the best of the human spirit. This story of how a church basement ministry became on of the most impressive, vibrant, non-sectarian, volunteer organizations in America… A must read for those needing to know how to run non-profit organizations or wishing to understand theology in action.
– Ram Cnaan, Director, The Program for the Study of Organized Religion and Social Work, University of Pennsylvania

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