Areas of research

Identity, Immigration & Racism

SP2 Faculty exhibit the School’s understanding of how personal, cultural, and social factors impact important issues concerning inclusion, economic injustices, and policy within marginalized communities.

Headshot of Dr. Amy Hillier


Amy Hillier, MSW, PhD

Associate Professor; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1991. Youth gender identity; parents of transgender children; WEB Du Bois and The Philadelphia Negro; food access; outdoor advertising.

Yoosun Park, MSW, PhD


Yoosun Park, MSW, PhD

Associate Professor; PhD, University of Washington. Critical history of social work; historical and contemporary immigration; discourse analysis; critical theories and methodologies for social work research and education.

Headshot of Dr. Jerri Bourjolly


Joretha N. Bourjolly, MSW, PhD

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Inclusion; PhD, Bryn Mawr, 1996. Management of multicultural conflict; effects of chronic illness on individuals and family members; impact of racial and economic factors on the delivery of health care.

Headshot of Ezekiel Dixon-Roman


Ezekiel Dixon-Román, PhD

Associate Professor; PhD, Fordham University. Cultural studies of quantification; philosophy of science; cultural studies of education; critical policy studies; critical theories of “difference.”

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