• Our participants report dramatic reductions in anxiety, depression, and improved coping, social functioning, and problem solving skills.
  • 99% of physicians would refer an older adult to our intervention programs.
  • Our graduates report improved clinical skills and competency in delivering evidence-based services.

Integrated Depression Care for Homebound Medically Ill Older Adults: Using Evidence-Based Problem-Solving Therapy
Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, and Arthur M. Nezu

Problem-Solving Therapy for Subthreshold Depression in Home Healthcare Patients With Cardiovascular Disease
Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, Martha L. Bruce, MPH, PhD

Outcomes of a Telehealth Intervention for Homebound Older Adults With Heart or Chronic Respiratory Failure: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, Bonnie Kenaley, PhD, Jean McGinty, RN, MS, Ellen Bardelli, RN, Joan Davitt, PhD, and Thomas Ten Have, PhD

Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation Interventions on Depression Outcomes in Adults 64 Years of Age and Older
Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, and Christina Kang-Yi, PhD

Randomized Trial of Integrated Telehealth Care for Chronic Illness and Depression in Geriatric Homecare Patients: The I-TEAM Study
Zvi D. Gellis, PhD, Bonnie L. Kenaley, PhD, MSW, RN, and Thomas Ten Have, PhD

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