Social Innovation, Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management

SP2 Centers and Faculty aim to educate individuals on the economics of giving through grantmaking strategies, identifying donors, social entrepreneurship, and the resulting social impact.

Featured Centers

Center for High Impact Philanthropy


Headshot of Dr. Femida Handy


Femida Handy, PhD

Professor; PhD, York (Canada), 1995. Volunteering; volunteering & health; global philanthropy; corporate social responsibility; environmental habitus.


Peter Frumkin, PhD

Professor; PhD, University of Chicago; Philanthropy; nonprofit management; social entrepreneurship.

Headshot of Dr. Chao Guo


Chao Guo, PhD

Professor; PhD, University of Southern California, 2003. Technology and nonprofits; representation and advocacy; collaboration within and across sectors; social entrepreneurship.

Headshot of Dr. Ram Cnaan


Ram Cnaan, MSW, PhD

Professor; PhD, Pittsburgh, 1981. Social work research methods; faith-based social services, social policy; volunteerism and volunteer action; prisoners’ reentry, and international social development.

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