The Data for Equitable Justice Lab

The Data for Equitable Justice Labgives students in the Master of Science in Social Policy + Data Anlytics for Social Policy Certificate program (MSSP+DA) an opportunity to analyze some of today’s most important social issues through data and, with faculty support, create a product for audiences well beyond our classrooms and campus. 

With guidance from the lab faculty, students develop a project – either individually or as part of a team – to examine a contemporary social policy or political issue through or on data or digital technology. Through these projects students produce an op-ed, blog post, podcast, academic article, short film, or other product that creates or contributes to contemporary discourse.


Three women in chairs converse before an audience, with a row of books on a shelf behind them

SP2’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy highlights the benefits of gender diversity in financial decision making

How can organizations and teams make better investments? By ensuring that gender diversity puts women at the center of financial decision making, according to Patience Marime-Ball, founder and CEO of […]


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Report examines pandemic’s national impact on individual generosity

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect people’s volunteering, donating, and helping behaviors? A report by SP2 faculty and students summarizes a nationally representative study aiming to answer this question. With […]


SP2’s three Presidential PhD Fellows poised to improve human services through research

With research interests spanning health care, citizenship, and economics, the three PhD in Social Welfare students named to the University of Pennsylvania’s 2022 cohort of Presidential PhD Fellows are embarking […]