Evaluations and Examinations

Three milestone examinations/evaluations must be passed by all DSW students:

  1. Preliminary Examination: To satisfy the preliminary examination requirement, students must complete a draft of the dissertation proposal by October 31 of Year 2, for review and approval by the dissertation Chair . Faculty chairs will review the proposal and give students feedback.
  2. Dissertation Proposal: All students are expected to submit the final dissertation proposal to the dissertation chair by January 15 of year two, for approval by the dissertation committee by March 15. Upon acceptance of the proposal the student enters doctoral candidacy.
  3. Dissertation Defense: An oral examination on the contents of the doctoral dissertation. Upon successful defense of the dissertation, completion of all other degree requirements and depositing of the final dissertation manuscript to Scholarly Commons, the DSW degree is conferred.

Timeline for completion of preliminary exam and dissertation proposal:

  • Oct. 31 of Year 2: Submission of dissertation proposal draft to dissertation Chair.
  • January 15 of Year 2: Final draft of dissertation proposal (if revisions required) submitted to chair.
  • March 15 of Year 2: Full dissertation proposal approved by dissertation committee.