Dear SP2 Student:

We are pleased that you have chosen Penn for your graduate education and will do everything we can to make sure your experience here is rewarding.

This handbook is intended as a guide. It is designed to provide you with information about University and SP2 policies and procedures. It documents your rights and responsibilities. If you have questions about the information in the handbook or about any aspect of student life, please stop by my office, Room B-22, or contact me at the email or phone number listed below.

For additional University information and resources, consult the Graduate and Professional Student Resource Guide and the PENNBOOK.

We welcome your suggestions about this handbook and about ways to strengthen the quality of student life at SP2.


Lina Hartocollis, PhD
Dean of Students


The policies and procedures described in the SP2 Student Handbook are continuously revised and updated by the faculty and administration.  Students will be notified of changes in policies and procedures as they occur. Students are expected to consult the web for updates and changes to the Handbook. The policies and procedures described in the most recent version of the Handbook apply to all SP2 Master’s degree students (MSW, MSSP, NPL), regardless of when they began their studies at the School of Social Policy & Practice.