Payment of Tuition Bill

The bill for tuition and fees is payable in two installments: August and January.  You will receive a notice for payment of tuition with a billing due date. Failure to meet these billing due dates will result in penalty charges. The full balance is due and payable not later than the due date on the bill. If full payment is not made, a late payment penalty will be imposed each month. Students who register in the Summer I term will be billed in late April; tuition and fees for the Summer II term are included in the fall bill.

Students with outstanding balances are placed on financial hold and may not register for the upcoming semester, receive their diploma, or obtain transcripts until the outstanding balance is satisfied.

Failure to Pay

All University bills for tuition and fees are due before or during the registration period each term, as specified. The University reserves the right to withhold registration material, transcripts, and all other information regarding the record of any student who is in arrears in the payment of tuition, fees, or other charges, including student loans, and to exclude such a student from classes and examinations. The student will be held accountable for all absences resulting from the operation of this rule. For continued delinquency in the payment of debts to the University, the student may be permanently dropped from the University. The enforcement of this penalty shall not relieve the student from the obligation to pay outstanding fees and charges, including those for the term to which the penalty applies. No one shall receive a diploma if he or she has not paid in full all financial obligations.

Refund of Tuition

A student who withdraws (or is requested to withdraw for failure to maintain a satisfactory scholastic standard or who is granted a leave of absence from a full-time division of the University during either term of the academic year) will be eligible for a refund of tuition and general fee in accordance with the conditions set forth below.

Course withdrawal time…………………………………..percent refund of tuition and fees
Within the Add/Drop period…………………………………100%
up to two weeks after the Add/Drop period……………..75%
two to three weeks after the Add/Drop period…………….50%
More than three weeks after the Add/drop period ………..0%

Students should check the SP2 Academic Calendar for exact dates of Add/Drop and the deadline for partial tuition refund.

A student who is required to withdraw because of violation of University regulation shall receive no refund by reason of such a withdrawal.

Tuition Assistance

Most SP2 students help finance their education with a combination of grants and loans. Those wishing to avail themselves of Guaranteed Student Loans (GSL) are required to complete a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you have any questions concerning financial assistance, please contact our Director of Financial Aid.

Student Loans
Student Financial Services Office
100 Franklin Building
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215 898-1988

Graduate students may be eligible for student loans through the Guaranteed Student Loan (GSL) Program. Students may also be eligible to borrow through various other loan sources including Perkins and the Penn Guaranteed Loan Program. There may also be other options that students can use to finance their education. All student loan applications are processed through the University’s Student Financial Services Office. Questions about loan applications, status, or changes may be directed to one of the counselors in the Student Financial Services Office (see contact info. above). Our Director of Financial Aid is also prepared to help you explore all the financial possibilities currently available.

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