The purpose of the PhD Student Handbook of the School of Social Policy & Practice is to present the policies and procedures that guide and govern the School’s PhD program. Although substantial effort has gone into the Handbook and it is updated regularly, we anticipate that there will be occasional circumstances that it does not address. If, after reviewing the Handbook, a student believes that he or she has one such circumstance, he or she is encouraged to seek guidance from the Director of the PhD Program and/or the Administrative Assistant of the Program.


The policies and procedures described in this manual are continually revised and updated. The program reserves the right to revise the manual on an as-needed basis. For the most recent policies and procedures, consult the website for the School of Social Policy & Practice. In addition to the contents of this manual, students must also comply with the rules stipulated in the Provost’s Educational Policies found at http://www.upenn.edu/provost/educational_policies_publications/.