Registration Instructions for Continuing Students

Masters and PhD students register for courses using Penn InTouch (PennKey and password required). Students in the DSW program will be registered by the SP2 Registrar.

Continuing students register for spring and fall classes during the Advance Registration period noted on the SP2 Academic Calendar for each semester. Summer course selection begins at the same time as advance registration for fall courses, but is not part of the advance registration process. Summer registration is on a first-requested/first-registered basis and continues throughout the spring term.

Advance Registration for Fall 2019 classes opens on March 18 and closes on March 31.

To register for Fall 2019 classes

Advance registration is a priority selection process, not first-come, first-serve; there is no advantage to submitting requests immediately on the first day. Students place their course requests in order of personal preference to maximize their chances of getting registered in certain classes.

  1. Review the course requirements for your cohort; consult with your advisor if you have any questions about your program of study.
  2. Check course days and times on the Course Timetable or log in to Penn in Touch to use the Course Search tool under the “Registration and planning” menu (both will be available online as of October 10). SP2 courses are also listed by day and time under Schedule of Classes.
  3. Review the Advance Registration overview and Advance Registration screen listed under Registration Tools.
  4. Follow the Advance Registration Tips (below) carefully.
  5. Organize your courses in order of personal priority and choose alternates.
  6. Using the Registration and planning menu in PIT, click on” Register for courses” and enter the course and section numbers to request classes.
  7. Complete your requests before the system closes at midnight on March 31 (note that courses must be added & submitted to the advance registration worksheet; just adding courses to a course cart in the course search & planning area does not complete registration).
  8. Part-time MSW students must submit course requests by Sunday, March 24 for priority registration; be sure to submit both course requests as primary.

Students will receive class schedules on April 10. The registration system will open again for the add/drop period that morning as well and you can begin to make any adjustments to your schedule as needed.

All continuing SP2 students are STRONGLY recommended to request courses during the advance registration period. Students who wait until after this period will be at a great disadvantage, as many class sections may already be closed.

Prioritizing & Listing Alternatives

Advance registration is a priority scheduling system, so the higher a course is listed on the worksheet (first request is highest), the better the chance of getting into that course/section. It is entirely up to each student what priority to place on each course request. Course priority can be changed at any time during the advance registration period, but all course selections must be finalized before the system closes at the end of the add/drop period. (Check the SP2 Calendar for the dates of the upcoming term’s advance registration period.)

Students should always include an alternate request, especially for their top two choices. If the primary request is not available, the alternate is treated with just as high a priority (better than if listed as #2). The scheduler will not register a student for both the primary and the alternate choice, just one or the other, as available.

MSW students can choose another elective or policy option in case other choices were unavailable. Students should place any additional courses on the worksheet at a lower priority than the required courses. The scheduler will only register a student for the number of courses designated on their “desired load.”

Any-Section Flag

The Any-Section Flag is used when a course has multiple sections (i.e. MSSP 632, SWRK 615, 711, 760, 798). If the Any-Section Flag remains at YES, the scheduler will first try to put a student into the section they chose, but if it is unavailable (due to high demand), the scheduler will put a student into any open section of this particular class that is not in time conflict with the other classes selected. If a student has no section preference if their first choice is not available, the student should leave the Any-Section Flag at YES.

When registering for SWRK 615, if a student prefers to specify a second-choice section in case the first choice is closed, use NO in the Any-Section Flag after the primary choice and add an alternate (a second section of that same class). If the flag is left at YES, the scheduler may register for an open section before checking the alternate requested. The scheduler will only register a student for one section of the course, regardless of how many alternates are listed. Most students will get into their first or second choice selections. Students can also add a second primary-alternate request for SWRK 615 sections (listing four in total) to specify the order of preference; be sure to change the Any-Section Flag to YES only after the final request of that course.

When registering for other multi-section courses, the Any-Section Flag works in the same way, but since the other courses may not be required, the alternate choice may be a different course. For example, if a student wants to register for SWRK 711.001 but does not want 711.002 as an alternate, they would list SWRK 711.001 as the primary request and change the Any-Section Flag to NO: “if 711.001 is closed, I do not want the system to put me in the other section.” Instead, they can select a different policy option as my alternate choice. The alternate is given the same priority value as the primary but is only considered if the primary choice is closed.

Remember that SWRK 798 has different section numbers, but each section designates a different course. Be sure to change the Any-Section Flag to NO when requesting all sections of SWRK 798.

For more information, click here.

Course Permits

If a course has a permit requirement, students must secure the permit from the appropriate program office before the end of advance registration or the request will drop. If a student does receive the permit, the course request should be moved to the lowest priority, as the permit guarantees a seat in the class.

Financial Hold

Students whose accounts are on financial hold will not be able to access Advance Registration. Please be sure to resolve any issues before the end of the month by contacting SFS – 215-898-1988.

Scheduler Results

Advance Registration results are available about a week after advance registration ends; when registration opens again, students will be able to view, and make changes or additions to, their course schedules. At that point, registration is live and students will see results immediately. Registration will remain open through the second week of classes.

For MSW Students

One-Week Intensives
In Fall 2019, there are four one-week intensive courses. These courses follow the normal registration processes. Because these courses require pre-session work, students who wish to register for open seats after May 15 may need a permit from the instructor. Fall 2019 one-week intensives are:

  • SWRK 760: Mental Health Diagnostics (August 19-23)
  • SWRK 777: CBT (August 19-23). Prerequisite: completion of SWRK 614.
  • SWRK 798: Violence in Relationships through the Lifespan (August 19-23)
  • SWRK 798: Taking Down the Prison Industrial Complex (December 16-20)

Research Options
MSW students must take a Research Option as part of the MSW curriculum. Students may choose any research option, regardless of their clinical or macro concentration.

Full-time students’ standard course of study includes a Research Option in the Fall. Fall 2019 Research Options are:

  • SWRK 729: Social Statistics
  • SWRK 744: Direct Practice Research
  • SWRK 774: Program Evaluation
  • SWRK 781: Qualitative Research
  • SWRK 798: Methods for Community Research

Part-time and Advanced Standing students’ standard course of study includes a Research Option in the Summer. Full-time students may choose to take a research option over the summer if space is available after part-time and Advanced Standing students register. Summer 2019 Research Options are:

  • SWRK 743: Action Research
  • SWRK 774: Direct Practice Research
  • SWRK 774: Program Evaluation
  • SWRK 781: Qualitative Research

Practice Class Registration
Your section of practice class will be your practice class section (same day/time) in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Because students are not able to switch sections of practice class in the spring, no electives will be offered at times concurrent to practice classes in the spring semester.

Contact the SP2 Registrar with any questions regarding the advance registration process.

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