Course Syllabi (Penn Key Secured)

The following syllabi are meant to give prospective class registrants an understanding of class content and are not intended to be used as official course syllabi.

SWRK 601: History & Philosophy of Social Work & Social Welfare

SWRK 602: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

SWRK 603: American Racism & Social Work Practice

SWRK 604: Foundations of Social Work Practice & Field Practice

SWRK 614: Foundations of Social Work Practice & Field Practice

SWRK 615: Introduction to Social Work Research

SWRK 701: Health Policy

SWRK 702: Social Work in Health Care

SWRK 703: Impacting Government: Policy Analysis & Coalition Building

SWRK 704: Advanced Social Work Practice: Clinical Practice I

SWRK 706: Policies for Children & Their Families

SWRK 708: Advanced Social Work Macro Practice I

SWRK 710: Clinical Supervision

SWRK 710: Employed Practitioners Seminar

SWRK 711: Contemporary Social Policy

SWRK 711: Professional Seminar in Urban Family

SWRK 713: Understanding Social Change

SWRK 714: Advanced Social Work Practice: Clinical Practice II

SWRK 716: Comprehensive School Reform

SWRK 718: Advanced Social Work Practice II

SWRK 719: Infancy & Early Childhood Development

SWRK 720: Middle Childhood & Adolescence

SWRK 721: Social Work Healthcare Seminar

SWRK 722: Practice With Children & Adolescents

SWRK 724: Developmental Disabilities

SWRK 726: Brief Treatment & Crisis Intervention

SWRK 727: Social Work Intervention in the Family

SWRK 728: Ethnicity & the Family

SWRK 729: Social Statistics

SWRK 730: Community Mapping

SWRK 731: Child Welfare Practice

SWRK 732: Integrative Seminar in Child Welfare

SWRK 736: Building Community Capacity: Community Economic Development

SWRK 738: Anxiety & Depression

SWRK 739: Illness and Family Caregiving

SWRK 740: Strategic Planning & Resource Development

SWRK 741: Gender and Social Policy

SWRK 742: Practice With At-Risk Youth

SWRK 743: Action Research

SWRK 744: Direct Practice Research

SWRK 746: Political Social Work

SWRK 748: Microfinance in India

SWRK 749: Civil Society Activities Promoting Shared Society in Israel

SWRK 755: International Social Work in the Global South

SWRK 756: Human Sexuality

SWRK 757: Loss Through the Life Cycle

SWRK 759: Substance Abuse Interventions

SWRK 760: Mental Health Diagnostics

SWRK 761: Spirituality & Social Work Practice

SWRK 763: International Human Rights and US Immigration: Policy and Practice

SWRK 765: Human Resource Development & Supervision

SWRK 768: Social Policy Issues As Portrayed in Literature

SWRK 769: Aging: The Intersection of Policy & Practice

SWRK 770: Social Welfare & the Law

SWRK 771: Social Work Values & Ethics

SWRK 773: Mental Health Challenges in Childhood & Adolescence

SWRK 774: Program Evaluation

SWRK 775: Intimate Violence

SWRK 777: Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

SWRK 778: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

SWRK 780: Policy & Difference in Post-modernity

SWRK 781: Qualitative Research

SWRK 782: Mental Health Practice with US Veterans

SWRK 783: Advanced Mental Health Practice with Veterans

SWRK 785: Criminal Justice Policies

SWRK 786: Social Work Practice and Trauma

SWRK 788: Harm Reduction on the Borders: Substance use and HIV treatment in Puerto Rico

SWRK 792: Psychodynamic Theory

SWRK 793: Global Health Policy and Delivery

SWRK 794: Practice with Older Adults and Families

SWRK 796: Family Economic Mobility

SWRK 798: Animals and Social Work: Theory and Practice

SWRK 798: Social Work in the Affordable Care Act Era

SWRK 798: Social Work Practice and Trauma

SWRK 798: The Social Entrepreneurial Approach to Community Reintegration

SWRK 798: LGBTQ Communities and Social Policy

SWRK 798: Group Social Work Practice

SWRK 798: Housing Policy and Social Inclusion

SWRK 798: International Social Work: Practicing in the Global South

SWRK 798: Social Work Practice with Couples

SWRK 798: Global Social Impact 360

SWRK 798: Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in India

SWRK 798: Participatory Film: A Community-Based Approach

SWRK 798: Psychodynamic Theory

SWRK 798: Critical Race Theory

SWRK 798: Social Impact Strategy, Analysis, and Leadership

SWRK 798: Play Therapy

SWRK 798: School Social Work

SWRK 798: Consultation with Children and Families

SWRK 798: The Ghetto

SWRK 798: Violence in Relationships

SWRK 798: Motivational Interviewing

SWRK 798: Social Work from a Global Perspective

SWRK 803: History and Philosophy of Social Welfare

SWRK 804: Foundation of Clinical Research

SWRK 805: Qualitative Research Methods

SWRK 811: Social Theory

SWRK 812: Clinical Theory I

SWRK 813: Theory for Clinical Social Work

SWRK 852: Social Welfare Research Methods

SWRK 855: Advanced Research Methods

SWRK 861: Methods for Policy Research

SWRK 899-01: Structural Equation Modeling

SWRK 899-02: Applied Linear Modeling

SWRK 900: DSW Course Module in Psychoanalytic Diagnosis

SWRK 901: Doctoral Proseminar

SWRK 903/904: Integrative Seminar

SWRK 968: Social Welfare & Economics

NPL 510: Social Innovation

NPL 561: Non-Profit Branding

NPL 562: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Non-Profit Law

NPL 563: Raising Philanthropic Capital

NPL 564: Social Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid

NPL 565: Not for Profit Planning and Finance

NPL 570: Strategic and Fiscal Planning for Non-Profits

NPL 580: Effective Governance Practices for Non-Profits

NPL 581: Effective Governance Practices for Non-Profit Boards

NPL 582: International Non-Profits and Development

NPL 587: Building Non-Profits that Thrive

NPL 589: Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Impact

NPL 591: Change Making: Personal Traits and Professional Skills

NPL 592: Collaboration Across Sectors

NPL 593: Design Thinking

NPL 595: The Strategy of Social Media: Effective Decision-Making For Non-Profit Organizations

NPL 720: Data Analysis for Social Impact

NPL 782: Small Group Processes

NPL 783: Field Exercise in Social Impact Measurement

NPL 784: The Non-Profit Sector: Concepts and Theories

NPL 786: Non-Profit Governance and Management

NPL 787: Leadership and Capacity Building in the Nonprofit

NPL 789: Budgeting: Strategic Allocation of Financial Resources for Non-Profits

NPL 790: Financial Management

NPL 791: Transformational Reasoning

NPL 792: Social Entrepreneurship

NPL 793: Leadership Within and Across Boundaries

NPL 796: Philanthropy and Fundraising Tools for Managers of Non-Profit Organizations

NPL 797: Philanthropy and the City: Charitable Giving and its Role in Urban Communities